Ajay Devgan got 30-Tabu got 3 crores, Abhishek Bachchan's entry in 'Bhola' Universe, you will be shocked to hear the fees!

Shocking Fees of Abhishek Bachchan’s Entry in ‘Bhola’ Universe Is…

The movie “Bhola” has generated an enormous amount of buzz among its devoted audience. The teaser for Ajay Devgan’s next film caught many by surprise.

The film features numerous instances of special effects. After all, the creators have already spent a fortune on it. Similarly, the film’s cast has been paid a large sum for their roles. Ajay Devgan, supposedly, has the highest salary.

Ajay Became ‘Bhola’ by Taking This Much Fee

In Bhola, we’ll get to witness Ajay Devgan in a brand-new guise. It’s clear from the preview that the film will have both stunning visuals and exciting action sequences. So, Ajay made this movie all on his own.

Ajay Devgan got 30-Tabu got 3 crores in bhola

The actor is playing the principal role and directs the film at the same time. Why should Ajay, who has to accomplish so much for just one movie, forego his salary? Ajay is getting the biggest paycheck for this movie. To play the role of the action-packed Bhola movie ‘Bhola,’ Ajay reportedly received Rs 30 crore.

Also, Know the Fees of Tabu and Amala

After hearing Ajay’s salary, you might be able to pull yourself together enough to learn how much the rest of the Starcast makes. Tabu and Ajay, who worked so well together in the first film, will be back for the second.

Ajay Devgan got 30-Tabu got 3 crores in bhola

High-octane action scenes featuring Tabu are planned as well. The clip was enough to win over audiences’ hearts for the actress. The actress reportedly earned four crore rupees for her role in the film.

Amala Paul, on the other hand, will be seen swooning over superstar Ajay in this flick. Amala plays Ajay’s wife in the film Bhola. Amala, an actress from the South, will make her Bollywood debut with this film. If the rumors are true, he was paid Rs 25 lakh (around $400,000).

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Abhishek Looted the Party

Abhishek Bachchan Is the Film’s biggest surprise. The announcement that Abhishek would have a lengthy cameo in ‘Bhola’ came just last year. Many assume he will portray an antagonistic role.

Ajay Devgan got 30-Tabu got 3 crores in bhola

Social media fans were virtually certain that Abhishek’s character in ‘Bhola’ was the villain after Ajay shared a trailer for the Film. His participation has been kept secret, but if rumors in the media are to be believed, he is demanding one crore for it.

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The film also has Deepak Dobriyal in a pivotal part. Popular actor Sanjay Mishra was paid Rs 85 lakh, and he received roughly Rs 65 lakh. Makrand Deshpande has collected Rs 35 lakh in fees to date, while Kiran Kumar has collected Rs 15 lakh.


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