The Father of Nasty Lana Rhodes’ Baby Remains A Mystery

The Father of Nasty Lana Rhodes’ Baby Remains A Mystery!

The child born to former adult film star Lana Rhoades in January 2022 has been the target of cruel memes since the news of her pregnancy became public. The 25-year-old posted an Instagram pic of the sonogram confirming her pregnancy for 2021, but she has remained mum on the identity of the father.

And then she posted a picture of herself with her infant on her Story, confirming that she had given birth in January. Adding, “Mom life is the best life,” Lana, who is now a YouTuber, announced his name is Milo. She hasn’t updated us on the baby since then, but Milo is still a popular meme today. This is why.

The Father of Lana Rhodes’ Baby Is a Mystery

The fact that Milo’s mother, Lana, has kept his father’s identity a secret has been a central theme in internet jokes about the infant. The 25-year-old had just ended a one-year relationship with influencer Mike Majlick when she made her pregnancy announcement.

In any case, entry is possible. “About a few months ago, the great, sweet, gorgeous, fantastic, me and I were pregnant,” Logan Paul stated on the Impulsive podcast, before clarifying that he is not the father. At about that time, I began dating other people. Also, I committed to a romantic partner.

We continued to be friends and communicate.  A cake was baked as a result of her conversation with this new acquaintance. She also admitted that she had gone on a date with NBA star Kevin Durant, but that it had ended badly on her podcast 3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN in June 2021.

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Lana Addresses Viral Memes

Discussion of Sound Recording Notation In June 2021, after her pregnancy announcement went viral and sparked a wave of horrible memes, Lana finally spoke up. The influencer stated, “TikTok says two things,” adding, “I don’t know whether you’ve seen it but people make memes.”

“First, that my two children are going to be tormented at school; second, that my children are going to go down water slides; and third, that two of my children are doing TikToks about my giving birth.” “This is the majority of the comments on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, just saying things like that,” she continued.

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“I feel awful for the baby because my mom did that.” Next, she said, “I have one thing to say about it,” thereby ending the memes. I feel awful for you, you obviously have a terrible mother who reared a boy that speaks this way about women.” As an aside, Nicki Minaj has taken to Instagram to address the ludicrous claims that she uses a “fake assistant.”

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