Trisha Paytas Pregnancy: A Gender Reveal Party Is Held by Moses Hacmon After Declaring that Their Kid Would Be Reared as Non-Binary.

Trisha Paytas Pregnancy: A Gender Reveal Party Is Held by Moses Hacmon After Declaring that Their Kid Would Be Reared as Non-Binary.

Recently, a well-known YouTuber said that her baby was fine after she said that she had fallen down some stairs in the past, but now she says that the baby is fine as well. In about 15 weeks, the YouTuber will become a mother for the very first time.

It was different from the first video, in which Paytas used it to tell her followers about her pregnancy scare. The second video told her followers how she was doing after the scare.

It was clear that Trisha Paytas was stressed when she talked about her fall in the previous video. In the new video, they looked better and they also showed an ultrasound picture of the baby.

It was Paytas, a person who refers to people as “they” and “them,” who said in a YouTube video on February 14 that after having fertility problems in the past, the couple found out they were pregnant.

Others were not so kind to Paytas. Paytas has had a long history of controversy, and he has said that he is a “troll.” Some people said that Paytas made up their pregnancy to get attention and get people to care about them.


It started on February 21. Paytas started a Livestream on their YouTube channel, which they called “people hating on my pregnancy?!.” They answered many questions about their pregnancy and talked about how people were reacting to the news on the internet when they told everyone.

There were people who said, “How can you hate an unborn child?” People say “There are some really disgusting things going on,” and I agree. Their next statement said that a lot of people had said that they were making up their pregnancy. “People are so vile.”

Christine Quinn, the star of “Selling Sunset,” has been accused of faking her pregnancy, which BuzzFeed says she denied in an Instagram story. Beyonce also called the idea that her first pregnancy was fake “crazy” in an interview with People magazine, Billboard says.

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Paytas said that “Why are you so moved by my womb? “

“They just can’t stand to see other people happy because they’re so miserable with their own lives,” they said.

Paytas, who has almost 5 million followers on his main YouTube channel, has been a controversial figure on YouTube for a long time.

Getting into fights with well-known content creators like David Dobrik, Charli D’Amelio, and Ethan Klein, who owns the h3h3productions YouTube channel and is the brother-in-law of Paytas’ husband Moses Harmon.

They have also come under a lot of fire for making controversial statements on the internet, like claiming to be a “chicken nugget,” which is not true.

It was said in the video that doctors told them they would need IVF to get pregnant and that the news of their pregnancy gave them a “sense of purpose.”

As part of a spiritual journey, they began to “visualize” their own pregnancy, which made their dream come true.

A day after seeing the doctor, Paytas used YouTube to tell her fans that, even though she was in pain and had a bad headache, both she and her child were doing well. Paytas started the video by talking about how embarrassed she was after the fall, which made her feel bad about herself.

Trisha Paytas' Pregnancy

Her story: She said that she wasn’t a “klutzy” person, and when she fell in the kitchen while pregnant, it made her feel “careless” However, the messages she got from her fans made her feel better.

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She also thanked the people who sent her messages of support and shared their own stories of mishaps during pregnancy that didn’t harm their babies.

A video that shows a couple’s friends and family guessing what kind of child they are having is next. They also give them a brief message.