Unacademy Net Worth

Unacademy Net Worth: How Much Has This Unacademy Made This Year?

Unacademy’s net worth is expected to reach $2 billion by 2022. Unacademy is an educational platform based in Bengaluru, India. Roman Saini, Gaurav Manjul, and Himesh formed this Startup into a company in 2015,

but the initiative was taken in 2010 by uploading a video to the Youtube platform. This company now employs 18,000 educators and has millions of active students who study from experts in their fields.

Unacademy’s Net Worth

Unacademy’s net worth is estimated to be $2 billion in 2022. It is the fastest-growing unicorn company in India, particularly in the Edu-tech sector. Unacademy Plus, where they offer extra services like live sessions, mock tests, and so on, is their main source of revenue.

After converting a large number of students to their side. By selling their Paid Subscriptions, they were able to convert that traffic into sales.

When compared to offline coaching programs, students are also happy to pay their subscription fees in order to receive superior instruction at a reduced cost.

Name Unacademy
Net Worth 2022 2 Billion Dollar
Founder Roman, Himesh, Gaurav
Founded in 2015
Revenue 2020 11 Million Dollar
Educator Salary 75,000/-

Unacademy’s Net Worth in The Rupees

Unacademy has a net worth of 14,831 crore rupees in Indian rupees. Unacademy’s net worth is also based on its contributors, who number 18,000,

and these qualified teachers have earned the respect that our new generation has forgotten to show teachers after joining Unacademy. Aside from the appreciation, teachers get paid more than those who attend an offline coaching facility.

Unacademy Net Worth 2022:

Unacademy Promoter Virat Kohli
Unacademy Net Worth  2 Billion Dollars
Unacademy Net Worth in Rupees  14,831 Crore Rupees
Unacademy Educator Salary  75,000/-
Unacademy Founder Roman, Himesh, Gaurav
Unacademy Revenue Per Year 11 Million Dollar

History of the Unacademy

Unacademy was formed in 2015, although the CEO and creator of Unacademy, Gaurav Munjal (a renowned businessman), took the initiative in 2010 by publishing a video on Youtube.

This video was released on December 31, 2010, which was a day when the entire globe was celebrating at a bar, but Manjul was busy making his new year’s resolution by launching his YouTube channel.

Before joining Unacademy, Manjul co-founded FaltChat with Himesh Singh, which saw rapid growth in a short period of time. Manjul, on the other hand, continued to post videos to his YouTube channel.

After receiving a great response from his Youtube Channel’s audience in 2014, he decided to sell his firm Flatchat and focus only on his Youtube Channel, attempting to grow it into a larger platform. As a result, both Manjul and Himesh sold Flat Chat to Common Floor Company and received a profit of 50 lakh rupees.

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Searching for the Right Partner

In 2015, he met Roman Saini (CEO of Unacademy), a gifted young man who, at the age of 16, passed the Medical India test and was accepted into the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He then passes the UPSC examinations and gets recruited as an Assistant Coordinator.

However, after meeting with Gaurav Manjol, Roman Saini was inspired by his ideas and believed that founding the Unacademy may influence the future of Indian education.

He quit his IAS job, which many Indians aspire to, to work alongside Gaurav Manjul and Himesh to establish Unacademy India’s leading education platform.

Putting Years of experience and day-and-night battle culminated in the construction of the Empire in 2015, which they named Unacademy. Gradually, they roll out their app and websites,

including a video on UPSC, Jee, and other competitive exams. Apart from the website, they continue to submit videos to Youtube, and Manjol’s channel was eventually renamed Unacademy.

Unacademy Wiki

Unacademy was founded to meet the needs of students who needed a tutor to help them prepare for competitive exams. They also serve as a link between outstanding leaders and excellent students.

We all know that IAS tuition costs are too exorbitant for middle-class students to afford for UPSC preparation. Aside from that, students from rural areas moved to cities to pursue higher education,

enrolling in Kotta Classes, which are extremely expensive. Their travel expenses, in addition to coaching fees, have become a concern for them.

So, in order to address these issues, they established Unacademy, an online education platform that offers free education to all students. However, after spending so much of their marketing budget, they are now in a better position.

For their Paid Subscriptions, they now charge a few fees. Unacademy Plus is a paid subscription that includes extra features such as live sessions, mock tests, and other things that aren’t available in their free programs.

Business Model of the Unacademy

Because of its win-win business model, Unacademy has been highly successful. The hefty coaching fees irritated more than just students. Teachers, too, were not deserving of their right to a decent salary.

Unacademy has seized control of the whole Indian education system. Finally, history has shifted, and both students and professors are ecstatic about Unacademy’s rise.

Unacademy is India’s online education portal. It was the concept of offering high-quality education at a low cost to all Indian students. Gaurav Manjol took the initiative in 2010 by posting a video on YouTube.

They continued to work on forming a corporation, but it was officially established in 2015, and the unacademy app and website were released in 2016. Unacademy has a net worth of 2 billion dollars as of 2022.

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When Unacademy was at its pinnacle in May 2020, a hacker advertised on DarkWeb that he could offer 20 million active Unacademy accounts for simply 2000 dollars.

Unacademy officials later stated that no private information had been hacked and that nothing valuable had been lost.

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