Unknown Facts About Gautam Adani

12 Unknown Secrets Facts About Gautam Adani Chairman Of Adani Group!

Gautam Adani is a living legend thanks to the success he has brought to the businesses of his Adani Group. The improvements he’s made to India’s infrastructure and economy are monumental. The Adani group is one of the largest port operators in the country, with interests ranging from coal mining and gas and oil exploration to electricity generation and port management.

Gautam Adani is an interesting man and an excellent role model for young businesspeople. Adani Group is more than a huge conglomerate; it’s more like an ecosystem in and of itself, with many interconnected parts. You probably didn’t know anything about this either.

Unknown Facts About Gautam Adani

Did you know that Farm Pik, one of India’s top producers of Apples, is owned by Adani Group, the country’s largest private port operator? Fortune, a well-known brand of cooking oil, is owned jointly by the firm and Wilmar.

Despite hailing from a family that was involved in the textile sector, Gautam found himself drawn to the sparkling diamond industry of Mumbai. He worked as a diamond sorter for Mahindra Brothers for almost three years, during which time he learned the company’s secrets.

1. Backed by A Young, Self-Made Millionaire

He had abandoned his studies midway through. Twenty years ago, he was kidnapped and held for ransom. During the attacks on the Taj Mahal, he was also a hostage. Yes, Gautam Adani, the company’s namesake, and CEO are being referenced here.

In contrast, Gautam had humble beginnings. Gautam came from a family that worked in the textile industry, but he was drawn to Mumbai by the glitter of the diamond trade. There, he spent two to three years working at Mahindra Brothers as a diamond sorter,

During this time he absorbed all of the industry’s best practices. His first million, or about Rs. 10 lakh, was made in the third year he stayed in Mumbai when he opened his own diamond brokerage firm in Mumbai’s famous Zaveri Bazar. He was young at the time—only 20.

2. The First Leg of Adani Group’s Business

Times were different back in 1981. Gautam Adani’s older brother Mahakush asked him to manage the plastics division of the family firm in Ahmedabad while he was still in Mumbai. And in 1988, Gautam entered the international trading markets by launching a commodity trading business under the brand name Adani Enterprises Ltd. Polyvinyl chloride was an essential industrial raw material that was imported by the corporation. This was the very beginning of the company’s journey, and they haven’t looked back since.

3. Cracked an Rs. 6,000 Cr Deal in Just Over 4 Days

Adani Power Limited, a subsidiary of the Adani Group, signed a binding deal to acquire Udupi Power Corporation Limited in 2018. Incredible as it may seem, the agreement was finalized in less than a hundred hours. Well, you may thank Gautam Adani’s savvy business decisions and skillful negotiations for it.

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4. ‘Nation Building’ Is at Its Core

The Adani Group’s main business strategy has always coincided with the government’s top priorities. In 2015, while the government was actively encouraging domestic production of defense equipment, the company made a move into the area. Adani Group pounced on the chance to sell military equipment by establishing factories and forming partnerships with defense companies.

Similarly, in 2018 and 2019, the company expanded into India’s private fuel and airport sectors. Ports, renewable energy, power, airports, food, oil and gas, finance, real estate, and other industries were among the many that Adani Group entered over time.

5. Runs Some of India’s Largest Businesses

Gautam Adani always wanted to construct a major port. With the Adani Group’s 1995 victory in the bid to privatize Gujarat’s Mundra Port, this goal finally came true. As of now, it is the largest private port in India, processing about 1 billion tonnes of cargo annually.

The Adani Group now manages ten ports along India’s coast. Adani Group’s Adani Electricity division is the country’s largest private generator of thermal power, and Adani Transmission is one of the country’s top private players.

The Adani Electricity division of the conglomerate provides electricity to more than 3 million customers in the Mumbai area. In addition, Adani Group has the largest private rail network in India. The length of their private rail line is 300 kilometers.

6. Offered Mammoth Returns to Investors

Adani Group, which began as a commodity trading business known as Adani Enterprises Ltd, expects revenues of 1.1 lakh cr. in 2020. This exceeds the total revenue of Infosys and HCL, two of India’s largest IT companies. All six of Adani Group’s publically traded firms posted double-digit returns in the same year.

In comparison to Adani Green’s 400% growth, APSEZ only offered a 60% return. When compared to the same time span, Reliance Industries only returned 40%. That’s really something! Both the website and the mobile app known as “ticker-tape” allow users to monitor stock prices and other relevant data.

7. Joined the Ranks of Market Leaders in Terms of Market Cap

Adani Group joined the ranks of Tata Group and Reliance Group as the third Indian conglomerate to reach a market valuation of $100 billion. When compared to Japan’s nominal GDP in 2019, which was $5.08 trillion, Adani Group’s market worth in February 2021 was nearly identical at Rs 5.04.

8. Looks More Like an Ecosystem

From natural gas and oil to ports, coal mining, and electricity generation, the Adani Group is involved in many different industries. Adani Group is now a mega-corporation, but it has the appearance of a system. This is due to the fact that many of its companies have a need for input from others.

Adani’s thermal power plant in the Adani Special Economic Zone, for instance, can receive coal from Adani’s mines via the company’s private rail connections. Adani Power’s transmission division can then be used to deliver the local electrical grid.

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9. Doing More than Just Business

Approximately three percent of Adani Group’s profits go to the Adani Foundation, which supports the company’s many charitable endeavors. The Adani Vidya Mandir School in Ahmedabad is run by the foundation, and it provides free education to kids from low-income households.

They also have mobile health units and rural clinics that see over 25,000 people per month. Adani Group is committed to expanding its positive impact in the realms of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance).

10. Safe at Home but Not in The Foreign Land

Adani Group has come a long way, but its Carmichael thermal coal project in Australia has received a lot of bad press. After a decade of fighting with regulators and environmentalists, Adani finally won a license for the coal project in 2019.

But the people are determined to halt the project with their “Stop Adani” movement. They argue that the Carmichael project will worsen climate change and put Australia’s natural resources at risk.

11. Adani Group’s Neck Is Deep in Debt

Adani Group’s dedication to growth and expansion has only increased in the face of such criticism. In fact, it’s in deep financial straits because of that. Credit Suisse issued a red alert on the group in 2015, citing the fact that it was responsible for 12% of all loans in the banking industry at the time. The Adani Group’s total debt surpassed Rs. 2.25 lakh cr. as of November 2020.

With the exception of Adani Ports and Sez (APSEZ) and Adani Total Gas, the group’s interest coverage ratio was 1 or less for all of its listed firms. As a result, Adani Group cannot produce enough revenue to cover its interest costs for even one year.

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12. Committed to Conserving the Environment

Nonetheless, a number of international energy firms and investors, such as France’s Total SA and Italy’s Snam SpA, are eyeing Adani Group’s renewable portfolio in India in the hopes of securing a piece of the action. Adani is the proud owner of one of the world’s largest solar power plants, the Kamuthi Solar Power Project in Tamil Nadu.

The project features 2.5 million solar panels and a solar-powered, robotic cleaning system on an area of approximately 2,500 acres. Incredibly, this massive power plant was constructed in under 8 months. In addition, in 2020, Adani Green Energy Ltd signed a solar power deal worth a record $ 6 bn, bringing it one step closer to its ambition of being the world’s largest renewable-energy producer by 2025.

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