Who Is Vidya Lyar? American YouTuber -Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Persional Life & More Updates!

Who Is Vidya Lyar? American YouTuber -Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Persional Life & More Updates!

Vidya Vox is a 31-year-old YouTuber, singer, and social media influencer from the United States. Her net worth is expected to reach $3 million in 2022. She is well recognized for fusing Indian classical music with pop or techno music from the West.

Her Youtube channel has 7.53 million subscribers, indicating that she is extremely popular. She also has 984k Instagram followers.

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Vidya Iyar

Vidya Vox Facts:

  • ‘Vox’ is derived from the Latin term ‘Voice.’ Shankar named her voice recording ‘Vidya Vox.’ When she recognized that, she named her YouTube channel Vidya Vox.
  • Vidya speaks Tamil, Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, and French.

Vidya Lyar Net Worth:

Vidya Iyer was born in Chennai, India, on September 27, 1997. Vidya Vox, her stage name, is a multilingual singer who rose to prominence on YouTube for her Bollywood and Western pop mashups. In 2017, she would release Kuthu Fire, an original EP. Her YouTube channel has almost 4.2 million followers.
Vidya Iyer is a YouTube Star member.

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Early Childhood Development And Education:

Vidya Iyer is Vidya Vox’s true name. She was born in Chennai, India, on September 26, 1990. She was, however, primarily raised in Virginia, United States.

She began learning Carnatic music at the age of five. Her family moved to the United States when she was eight years old.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences in 2012 after studying psychology and biomedical sciences at George Washington University. At the same time, she was working in a clinic.
There isn’t much information about her parents. She does, however, have a sister named Vandana Iyer.

During her college years, she collaborated on music with her sister and boyfriend Shanker Tucker.


Vidya Iyar

While pursuing her degree, Vidya opted to pursue a career in music. She relocated to India to study Carnatic Classical and Western voices with D. K. Nagarajan, D. K. Patammal’s brother.

Vidya Vox presently has 7.53 million YouTube subscribers. Her YouTube channel currently contains over 57 videos.

‘Closer’ and ‘Ve Kabira Maan Jaa mashup’ were the music videos that got her noticed. These videos went viral, propelling her to fame and glory.

Vidya Vocal has also created mashups with relevant foreign chartbusters using Tamil, Malayalam, and folk tunes. She performed a mashup of A.R. Rahman‘s ‘Mental Manadhil’ from the film ‘OK Kanmani and Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space.’

Vidya Vox has also played at the White House, India’s National Centre for the Performing Arts, Webster Hall, Reunion Island’s Festivals Des Artes, Suriname’s INK Women, Dubai, and the Meru Concert Series in the Netherlands.

She is also multilingual, speaking Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English, and French, among other languages.

Shankar Tucker co-wrote and produced her EP, Kuthu Fire, which she released in 2016. In 2019, she released “Mad Dreams,” a new song.

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Private Life:

Vidya Iyar

Vidya Vox has been seeing her long-term lover Shankar Tucker, whom she met in college and with whom she has collaborated on music.