Welven Da Great Death Exposed

Welven Da Great Death Exposed: Is The Deez Nuts Guy Dead? Hoax Debunked!

Videos posted online this week falsely claim that Deez Nuts man, also known as Welven Da Great, has passed away. We’re relieved to report that Welven is doing fine, but is it possible that some have confused this with the death of musician Sean Kennedy, which was reported earlier this year? This article clarifies the situation and debunks the death hoax around the “Deez Nuts guy.”

Who is The Deez Nuts guy?

Welvin Harris, also known as Welven Da Great, sprang to stardom online in 2015 after uttering the now-iconic “Deez Nuts” during a 15-second comedic sketch. The sketch is rumoured to be a reference to Dr Dre’s tune “Deez Nuts,” which was included on his first studio album “The Chronic,” as heard in the song’s introduction.

Wolven became a viral hit after releasing the video, getting a massive following on Instagram as a result. Welvin has 108k Instagram followers, which is a lot. Numerous pictures of him with famous people, such as DJ Khaled and Amber Rose, may be found on his profile. And it seems that the number of his followers grows daily as a result of his habit of sharing photos with them.

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Deez Nuts Guy Death Hoax Debunked: He’s Alive and Well

Since his rise to prominence, Welven Da Great, nicknamed the Deez Nuts guy, has been the victim of countless death rumours, all of which have been proved to be untrue. In July of last year, when supporters remembered and honoured him online, rumours began to circulate again that Welven had passed away.

Later, a buddy of his stepped in to claim he had spoken to Welven the day before, putting a stop to the rumour. Rumours also arose a couple of years ago when an obituary was placed on Dead Death, which encouraged people to share and publish on social media.

The most recent rumours concerning the death of “Deez Nuts guy” are reported to have first emerged on YouTube after a few videos on the platform suggested the internet star had been found dead after becoming homeless. However, Welven Da Great has subsequently resurfaced in a video on Twitter telling supporters that he is “alive and ok”, in spite of the claims.

Deez Nuts Bassist Sean Kennedy Dies Age 35

Although the moniker “Deez Nuts” is most commonly associated with Welven Da Great, there is also an Australian hardcore punk band by that name. Face This On My Own and Cooked Smile are two of the band’s most well-known songs, and they gained popularity after their formation in 2007.

Back in February, it was revealed that the Deez Nuts bass guitar player Sean Kennedy had died, aged 35. The peculiar connection between his name and the phrase “Deez Nuts” may have caused some to confuse the announcement of his death with that of Wolven.

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The Deez Nuts Guy on Instagram

Thousands of people follow The Deez Nuts Guy on Instagram and YouTube due to his popularity on those platforms. The link leads to his Instagram account. Wolven’s Instagram following has grown to almost 111,000 people. Furthermore, his films on YouTube have amassed millions of views.

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