What Was Trevor Reed Accuse? Assaulting Two Russian Police Officers While Drunk..!!

What Was Trevor Reed Accuse? Assaulting Two Russian Police Officers While Drunk..!!

After being found guilty of assaulting two Russian police officers in 2019, Trevor Reed was sentenced to nine years in prison by a court in Russia. He was even more difficult to deal with when people found out that he had been treated badly in prison.

Because of the Russian government’s violations of the prisoner’s human rights, he went on a hunger strike in 2021, which he did to protest. There have also been more tensions between Ukraine and Russia recently, which has made things even worse. Trevor’s parents have been told by US President Joe Biden that their son will be safe, and they can rest easy.

Trevor Reed Wikipedia:

Trevor Reed, former Marine from Texas,

An ex-Marine from the U.S. named Trevor Reed was arrested for assaulting two Moscow police officers while drunk in 2019. The Texas marine and his family, on the other hand, say they don’t believe the accusations. A lot of people have checked out his Wikipedia page after hearing about how he used the internet.

In particular, he has been held in a cell in the prison colony that is very bad. When two Moscow police officers tried to explain what happened in court, the US embassy in Moscow says Reed’s trial was as ridiculous as their explanations, which is not true.

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Who is Trevor Reed and why was he detained in Russia?

Reed is from Texas and lived in Hood County outside of Dallas.

Alina Tsybulnik, a lawyer in Moscow, was his girlfriend at the time. He spent the summer of 2019 in Moscow, where he was studying Russian and visiting her and was planning to come back home in August, his family told NBC.

However, just a few days before he came back, he went out with his friends and his girlfriend’s co-workers for a night out.

Trevor Reed: Ex-US Marine jailed

On August 16, 2019, Reed was arrested in Moscow, and he was charged with endangering the lives of government officials while he did his job.

After getting drunk and allegedly grabbing an officer’s arm while being taken to the station, Reed was arrested on August 16, 2019, Russian officials say. This caused the car to swerve and put the lives of the officers in danger.

He said it was “ridiculous” and that video evidence didn’t show any swerving at the time.

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More about Trevor Reed’s Family and Wife.

They were Joe and Paula Reed. Trevor was born in Texas in the United States to them. He has a sister named Taylor in his family, and they all live together. They have been trying to meet with US President Joe Biden, who has said that he will do everything in his power to help their son.

Many people, on the other hand, wonder if he has a wife since he is said to have gone to Moscow to meet his girlfriend there. When it comes to his girlfriend’s personal life, on the other hand, his family hasn’t been very open about it.

family of former U.S. Marine jailed in Russia

Before the trial came to an end, Reed said that he would not admit guilt for a crime he didn’t commit. The day before the verdict, Reed made his closing statement: “I think it would be unethical and immoral to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit.”

“If I’m going to be sent to prison, I’d rather stay in prison than be a liar and a coward when I get out tomorrow.”

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The prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States took place on April 27, 2022. Reed was brought back home on that day after a prisoner exchange.

An official in the United States says that Konstantin Yaroshenko, a convicted Russian drug trafficker, was traded for the Marine veteran. Yaroshenko is in prison for a long time.

During a press conference on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, President Biden said: “The negotiations that allowed us to bring Trevor home required difficult decisions that I do not take lightly. I will not make these decisions lightly.”

Marine Trevor Reed

It was clear to me how much Trevor’s parents care about him and how much they’ve missed him. “And I was happy to be able to tell them about Trevor’s freedom. Reed’s family made a statement after hearing that he was going to be released.

The family said: “Our family has been having the time of our lives.” Today, our prayers have been answered, and Trevor is on his way back home to the United States safely and well.