is sheinelle jones pregnant

What We Know About Sheinelle Jones’ Pregnancy Rumors?

Is Sheinelle Jones Pregnant American journalist Sheinelle Marie Jones is an anchor and correspondent for NBC News. She is one of the weekday hosts of Today’s Third Hour. However, her fans are wondering if Sheinelle Jones is pregnant or not. So let’s examine whether Sheinelle Jones is pregnant or not in the article below.

Sheinelle Jones Biography

Sheinelle Jones joined Today on October 4, 2014 as a contributor to Weekend Today. In January 2019, she joined “3rd Hour Today” as a co-host. Jones was a co-host on 3rd Hour Today and a co-anchor on the Saturday versions of Weekend Today six days per week. She left Weekend Tonight on December 21, 2019. Below is a table containing a brief biography of Sheinelle Jones.

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Is Sheinelle Jones Pregnant?

Sheinelle Jones shares her packed schedule balancing work and parenting

Sheinelle Marie Jones is an American journalist who works for NBC News as an anchor and correspondent. She is one of the weekday hosts of Today’s Third Hour. She also hosts the educational nature programme Wild Child on the NBC block The More You Know. However, Sheinelle Jones’s admirers are questioning whether she is pregnant. So let’s begin the discussion.

Sheinelle Jones is not pregnant as of 2023. On the contrary, she was a married mother of three children. In 2007, Sheinelle wed Uche Ojeh in New York City. The couple’s triplets are Clara Josephine Ojeh, Kayin Ojeh, and Uche Ojeh; two males and one girl. She has not yet declared her second pregnancy to the world.

Therefore, Sheinelle Marie Jones was not pregnant as of 2023.

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Sheinelle Jones Husband and Kids

Sheinelle Marie Jones was born on April 19, 1978 to Sheila Kinnard and C. Darnell Jones II. C. Darnell Jones II, her father, is a United States District Court judge. Sheinelle Jones is currently married. Sheinelle married Uche Ojeh. They had been married for twelve years, having tied the knot in 2007 at Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

Her husband, Ojeh, is a managing partner at UAO Consulting. They met in college. Sheinelle and Uche have three children, named Kayin, Uche and Clara Josephine, and Uche.

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