When Meena Kumari was slapped 31 times on the set

When Meena Kumari Was Slapped 31 Times on The Sets, Meena Used to Hide Her Hand Because…

Once, another actor smacked Meena Kumari thirty-one times. The actress was profoundly affected by the incident. There, she cried quite a bit. At the same time, an accident had left him with critical injuries.

This meant that Meena needed a clever strategy to hide her flaw. That She eventually came to identify with, Bollywood legend Meena Kumari, also known as “The Tragedy Queen,” who died at the age of 38.

His demise is remembered every year on March 31. The actress used to be remarkable in every manner; her films are still talked about now.

But since you are familiar with Meena Kumari, you know that this is because she likes to cover her left hand with a scarf. At the same time, a director needed 31 public smacks before he finally got the message.

Meena Kumari Had 31 Slaps

By that time, Meena was already a well-known actress. She became famous all around the world. A famous director once treated her poorly, prompting the actress to slap him. The producer even set up Meena’s room with a big table on the first day of filming so that everyone could eat lunch together.

The inappropriate behavior against Meena began during lunch. He got to his feet and began passionately kissing Meena, who he held in his bare hand. Meena was so offended by the filmmaker’s impoliteness that she slapped him in front of the entire crew.

When Meena Kumari was slapped 31 times on the set

Someone got outraged after getting slapped by Meena, but they pretended to everyone that it was just a practice run. He always got the same response from Meena, no matter what he asked of her. But the filmmaker’s soul devised a strategy to exact revenge on the actress.

To do this, he wrote a new section of the film’s script in which the hero is forced to smack Meena Kumari, the film’s female protagonist. The director managed to get 31 takes in under various guises.

During this period, Hero smacked Meena 31 times, leaving red marks on her face. Meena went to her room and sobbed for several hours after the drama was over.

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Why Did Meena Hide Your Left Hand?

Meena Kumari frequently hides her left hand in her films, so you probably saw it a lot. She would sometimes pose in front of the camera with only one hand visible, or cover her face with a dupatta. The actress’s actions raise many questions. We will explain why this is the case.

When Meena Kumari was slapped 31 times on the set

In reality, an automobile accident was to blame. Indeed, once upon a time, Meena was driving back to Bombay from Mahabaleshwar when she got involved in an accident. It was a very serious accident. For several days, She was confined to the hospital.

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His left hand took the brunt of the damage in this incident. This also ruined the form of one of his fingers on his hand. Meena was embarrassed to have this flaw on display. Because of this, she often covered her left hand while firing. This information was shared in an interview by Tajdar Amrohi, son of renowned poet Kamal Amrohi.


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