When Salman Got Cheated on In the Award Show, Salman Took Revenge Like This.....

When Salman Got Cheated on In the Award Show, Salman Took Revenge Like This…..

Salman Khan has revealed the inner workings of ceremonies of this kind. Because of this, he has become famous, Salman explained in a news conference that he had promised to receive the prize in the past but never received it. The actor says he felt obligated to take part in the production. When he didn’t win the prize, he declined to perform.

Salman Khan is the most Dabangg actor in Bollywood. Bhaijaan, aka the world-famous Salman Khan, is renowned for his dapper fashion sense. Salman is never one to hold back his opinions.

As a result of his revelations about the inner workings of award presentations, he is now a household name. In a news conference, Salman explained why he was overlooked for the honor despite having previously promised to accept it. And what did they do when it did?

When Salman Did Not Get the Award

Salman Khan: “I was told to come to the award event and we’re going to give you the award.” So, my dad and I made it there. My dad was all dressed up. Everyone in my family ended up going beautiful. Thereafter, the names of the nominees were read out.

Then someone said, “Salman Khan is the best actor,” and I promptly got to my feet. After then, a new one was selected. Jackie Shroff was then presented with the trophy. My dad didn’t understand why I wanted that trophy so much.

When Salman Got Cheated on In the Award Show, Salman Took Revenge Like This.....

I was about to give my first performance there,” the famous individual continued. I walked off the stage at that point and said, “I can’t do this.” You guys have all failed miserably. My ability to become angry has improved greatly.

It’s completely irrelevant. The mystery is Jackie’s selection as the honoree. He did a great job in the movie Parinda, but you had no right to be so rude to me. My father once considered you a friend, thus what you did is unacceptable.

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5 Times More Money for Performance

Salman was then informed that he must provide a performance. But the actor categorically declined. Salman says the audience member beamed at him and gave him cash for his act. The actor accepted five times as much money after negotiations.

When Salman Got Cheated on In the Award Show, Salman Took Revenge Like This.....

The other individual warned him not to share this information with anybody else. But, Salman Khan eventually revealed the award show’s inner workings after years of speculation. You are talking to the incorrect person, he said as he concluded his remarks. Then they began to chuckle.

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Filming has begun on “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” which will star Salman Khan. On Eid 2023, you can see this movie in theaters. Pooja Hegde, South Star Venkatesh, Bhumika Chawla, Siddharth Nigam, Shahnaz Gill, and Palak Tiwari will all appear alongside Salman in the film.

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