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Has The Fred Disappeared From YouTube?

Fred Figglehorn was the alias of Lucas Krushank in the novel Where Is Fred Now? In 2010, he was a hugely popular YouTuber who even had his own film and television franchise. Continue reading to find out Where Is Fred Now and What Happened To Fred on YouTube.

Where Is Fred Now?


Long ago, Lucas Cruikshank, better known by his online as Fred Figglehorn, was a highly popular YouTuber. In 2010, ABC News reported that he had reached the pinnacle of his popularity and amassed a total of 50 million subscribers. He owned a highly profitable franchise. Because he resided in Nebraska at the time, he did not realise how popular he had become. He commuted to and from Los Angeles only. When he was in Nebraska, he led an entirely ordinary existence.

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What Happened To Fred Youtube?

Where Is Fred Now

Fred had his own television series, “Fred” and “Fred: The Show,” as well as two film sequels, “Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred” and “Fred 3: Camp Fred.” Additionally, he has appeared on iCarly and Hannah Montana. In addition, he appeared in Monsters vs. Aliens. He virtually always presented himself as himself.

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Fred From Nickelodeon Now

In 2013, he posted a video on his YouTube account titled “Lucas” in which he came out as gay. He addressed the audience’s queries alongside his companion “Jennifer Veal.” He just said that he was homosexual and then burst into nervous laughing. He had already disclosed his sexual orientation to his closest friends and family, but not online. This was his moment of prominence. He no longer publishes anything as Fred, but he uploads videos as Lucas.

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