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Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022? Latest Updates!

Tony Aguirre, also known as Isauro Aguirre, was born on June 13, 1980. Aguirre skipped school after repeating two classes, which could indicate a learning disability. He served the elderly as a caretaker and driver at the Woodland Park Retirement Hotel.

Susan Weisbarth, the executive director of the elderly home where Aguirre had worked, remembers him as a “calm, kind, and always willing to serve” individual. She also noted that he routinely changed the diapers of elderly patients throughout his three years of employment there.

According to Weisbarth, the facility’s personnel gave him the endearing moniker “Shaggy.” Sherline Mille, a former coworker of Aguirre’s at the Woodland Park Retirement Hotel, recalled that while Aguirre was transporting people, he frequently took the scenic route so that they might view anything other than the road.

Aguirre began working as a security guard for the Vallarta Market in Palmdale, California, for AVL Private Security in October 2012. Before adopting Gabriel, Aguirre and Pearl Fernandez had been dating for about 18 months.

Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022?

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The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website verifies that Isauro is now incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. Aguirre is still among the living, and Isauro may not die for quite some time.

Aguirre is currently being imprisoned at San Quentin State Prison, which has accommodation for 700 convicts, including a considerable number of individuals who have been sentenced to death. ABC7 stated that at least some of these convicted felons were welcomed throughout the 1970s.

On June 13, 2018, Isauro Aguirre was convicted guilty of murdering Gabriel Fernandez and condemned to death. The 39-year-old male from Palmdale was lodged into San Quentin State Prison the same day.

The pair will spend the remainder of their lives in solitary confinement, given that Pearl will never be freed from prison and Isauro is already on death row. Aguirre is a death row inmate in San Quentin, the oldest prison in California.

“Why don’t we have Isauro Aguirre’s death date yet? He was given a death sentence on June 13, 2018. Why are we feeding Gabriel Hernandez with public funds (#GabrielFernandezTrials)? A third individual commented, “I cannot believe Isauro Aguirre is still on death row and has not yet been executed dpmo.”

The death row population of San Quentin State Prison, where Aguirre is presently being imprisoned, is 700. According to ABC7, several of these convicted felons were welcomed in the 1970s.

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Why Did Aguirre Strike the Child?

According to Los Angeles police, Aguirre struck the youngster because he believed he was homosexual. When the murder occurred, Aguirre was employed as a security guard for an AVL Private Security-owned grocery shop. Considering his tall stature, he appeared to be a natural choice for security job.

In 2013, Los Angeles police responded to a 911 call about a youngster who had stopped breathing in a condominium. Gabriel Fernandez, age 8, was discovered unresponsive upon arrival.

Aguirre had worked as a caretaker and driver at the Woodland Park Retirement Hotel, which was unexpected given the cruelty he exhibited outside of work. Residents, to whom he provided direct care, appeared to value his efforts. Locals continued to implore him to pay more attention to them. Susan Weisbarth, his supervisor, observed that the elderly residents “liked him like a teddy bear.” Additionally, “staff members performed this.”

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According to the documentary, Gabriel’s biological father is Arnold Contreras, who is also the biological father of Pearl Fernandez’s two elder children. When Gabriel was conceived, Contreras and the rest of Fernandez’s family stated that she did not want any more children. When her uncle Michael Lemos Carranza and his lover David Martinez offered to raise the child, she agreed to have the child.

Aguirre exposed his sexual orientation to the emergency responders attempting to save the child’s life on the night of the brutal assault. In addition to his chronic ailments such as burns, hospital staff discovered that he had twelve broken ribs and a cracked cranium the night he died.


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