where is meriam al khalifa now 2022

Where is Meriam Al Khalifa Right Now?

Meriam bint Abdullah Al-Khalifa is a member of the Bahraini Royal House of Al-Khalifa. Meriam is notorious for fleeing her family and homeland of Bahrain for the United States. She eloped with US Marine Lance Corporal Jason Johnson, who at the time was stationed in Bahrain as part of a counterterrorism squad safeguarding Americans living abroad.

Meriam was granted refuge after US Customs threatened to deport her and Lance Corporal Johnson assisted her in illegally entering the United States. She stated that she feared honor-based violence from her family because she had left her home country and been dating a non-Muslim.

The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service issued Meriam Al-Khalifa a “Green Card” in May 2001, and she was permitted to communicate with her family in Bahrain once more.

Meriam returned to Bahrain to visit her family at the end of 2001, despite having stated in prior interviews that she feared being killed or injured in her native country.

Meriam stated that she and her family were especially concerned about “violence towards people of Middle Eastern heritage” after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Where is Meriam Al Khalifa Right Now?

That time a US Marine eloped with a Bahraini Princess - We Are The Mighty

The renowned couple filed for divorce on November 17, 2004, one day after their fifth wedding anniversary, citing “incompatibility in marriage.”

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Meriam Al Khalifa and her husband, Johnson, separated due to Meriam’s excessive involvement in Las Vegas’ nightlife. Since 2001, the pair had discussed divorce, and Jason stated that Meriam desired one.

“Deep down, she understands that I loved her more than anything else in the world,” stated Johnson. Every moment that I spent with her was enjoyable. In 2005, Johnson pleaded his case without Meriam on an episode of Divorce Court.


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