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Is Samuel Goldberg in New York Right Now?

Silo, Ocean’s Thirteen, and Keeping the Faith are some of Samuel Goldberg’s most well-known works (2019).

Ellen Greenberg, a young teacher betrothed to Samuel Goldberg, a television producer, was deemed ineligible for their house on

Where Is Samuel Goldberg Now?

Ellen Greenberg case: New details from civil suit

Samuel Goldberg now resides in New York with his wife and their two children. He communicated with the family for more than a year after Ellen passed away.

Sam was never arrested or given a charge in connection with the death of his fiancée.

In January 2011, 27-year-old Ellen was discovered dead in the kitchen of her Philadelphia residence after being stabbed 20 times. Her death was first determined to be a homicide by the Medical Examiner’s Office. She sustained 10 stab wounds to her neck, 10 stab wounds to her head, 10 stab wounds to her stomach. A knife was still in her chest when she was found.

Authorities claimed at the time that Ellen’s flat door had been closed from the inside and that there were no indications of a fight.

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After Medical Examiner Marlon Osbourne altered the cause of death from an undetermined cause to suicide, the investigation was finally over.

However, Ellen’s parents are still adamant that their daughter did not commit suicide ten years after her passing, and they are now requesting that the case be reviewed. Her father, Joshua, is “100%” certain that his daughter was murdered.

It’s been ten years. I’m staying put. He told the media in 2021, “I’m going to seek justice for my daughter.

Furthermore, Joe Podraza, the Greenberg family’s attorney, informed reporters in 2021 that new information refutes the claim made by the authorities that the young instructor killed the woman.

In the weeks before Ellen’s death, many searches related to homicide and suicide were done on her laptop computer, according to the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

Attorney Podraza is correct that no such searches were found on the hard drive that was later examined by the FBI lab in 2011.

The FBI’s findings were supported by the results of the hard drive examination performed by the attorney’s private expert: Ellen did not search for any suicide-related information prior to her death.

She lived with her fiance Samuel Goldberg and he had found the coach’s body.

Samuel claimed to have pushed his way inside the door since it was locked from the inside when speaking to the police. Samuel asserted that he left her at at 4.45 p.m. to visit the building’s health club, and when he came back at 5.30 p.m., he was unable to enter.

Neighbors also confirmed hearing him yell for Ellen via the doorway.

an angry person The following nine texts from Samuel to Ellen were all phone calls: “hi,” “open the door,” “what r u doing,” “hello,” “you better have a reason,” and “what the f***.” Samuel then started calling Ellen instead of messaging her. I answer, “U have no idea.”

Samuel went back downstairs to ask the rental building’s security guard whether he had any software that might be used to hack in. The guard turned down. He asked the guard to accompany him when he returned with several cases so they could assist break down the door.

The murder of Ellen in the year 2020 drew the ire of investigator Thomas P. Brennan Jr. because of the “total absence of basic police work” that he witnessed at all times.

“In a case like this, in a condo complex, it’s basic police work,” said Brennan Jr. As you arrive, you take stock of the situation and instruct the other two men to look through the rubbish. They didn’t in any way do that, though. They did nothing at all.

They went in, looked around, shouted “Suicide,” and then left.

Ellen’s parents, Josh and Sandee, said that their daughter had been having problems in the weeks before she passed away.

Nevertheless, they did not believe she was contemplating suicide.

A few weeks before she died, Ellen told her parents she wanted to stop working and “come home.” They informed her that while she was free to go back home if she so liked, they preferred that she get help for her anxieties.

As she was due to marry Samuel Goldberg in August 2011 and had just four days earlier sent out “Save the Date” playing cards, Ellen explained to them that the stress of wedding planning was to blame. The workload at work was also very high.

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There was an issue, Ellen’s father said. Her personality changed. The instructor who took over Ellen’s class said everything was excellent after examining her books and markings, despite the fact that Ellen pretended there was too much work.

Ellen received Ambien and Klonopin for anxiety from the therapist she witnessed. This was used by the police as more proof that a suicide had been found. However, psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Berman was positive that her new patient was not suicidal because she had previously seen Ellen three times before her death.


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