Who Is Dua Lipa Dating?

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating? Know About Her Relationship with Boyfriend Anwar Hadid!

It’s no secret that Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid have been dating since the Fourth of July weekend when they appeared to be in public at a UK music festival. Could these couple of rising stars be the next big thing?

Here’s everything we know thus far about their partnership. In 2022, Dua Lipa looks to be single. The Sun said that the 26-year-old and Anwar Hadid, 22, had broken their two-year relationship after being “in crisis discussions.” There has been a lot of travel and time apart for this pair, so it’s difficult for them to maintain their romance, according to a source who spoke to the publication.

May-June 2018: Hadid Breaks up With Nicola Peltz—and Makes out With Kendall Jenner

Nicola Peltz and Gigi Hadid, who were together for more than a year, ended their relationship amicably in May 2018, according to Page Six. In June 2018, photographs of Hadid’s infamous makeout session with Kendall Jenner surfaced,

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating?

and many people wondered whether or not he and Peltz had broken up. The actress apparently unfollowed the whole Hadid family once the photographs of the hookup became public.

Peltz went on to date LANY singer Paul Jason Klein, one of Dua Lipa’s ex-boyfriends, but the pair announced their breakup in February of this year.

Early June 2019: Lipa Splits from Longtime Boyfriend Isaac Carew

They had been dating for almost five years, according to ELLE, before they broke up earlier this month. The Met Gala on May 6th was one of their final significant public appearances.

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating?

Carew had unfollowed Lipa at the time, effectively confirming their breakup, which was supposedly due to scheduling difficulties,

as reported by The Sun. The ex-Instagram couple’s accounts were also filled with sorrowful remarks, further implying that they were no longer together.

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Early June 2019: Things Heat up Between Hadid and Lipa After They Bond Over Music

Hadid, 20, is a musician who, according to TMZ, exhibited his work to Lipa, 23, who is close with his sister Gigi. As soon as the “New Rules” star found out she had broken up with her boyfriend in early June, the model contacted her and “reached out to her for a date,”

Who Is Dua Lipa Dating?


according to the site. There are rumors circulating that the two “went out, had a great time, and liked each other enough to run it back.” Check out Anwar’s debut album, Bleach, if you haven’t heard his music before.

Late June 2019: Lipa Is Seen at Hadid’s Birthday Party

A video of the model celebrating her birthday sparked rumors of a relationship between the British pop star and the model. As Gigi Hadid held his birthday cake, a video of Lipa, dressed in a skirt and tank top, was released on Instagram.

Rumors of a romantic relationship were reignited after her brief appearance. The Sun stated at the time that the two had been on a “series of dates,” including a hangout in Malibu the week prior.. before.

An insider tells the media outlet that Lipa has been spending time in Los Angeles following her breakup from Carew and has developed a close friendship with Hadid, “who she really gets along with.”

At an Awards Event on July 5, 2019, They Cuddle Up

Lipa and Hadid attended the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards together before the big music festival revelation. They didn’t appear together on the red carpet,


but they were subsequently spotted getting intimate at their table at the event. She even gave Lipa a kiss on the cheek when she was photographed doing so.

At a Music Festival on The 6th of July, They Were Seen Kissing

The British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival in London saw the couple embracing and kissing, which piqued people’s interest in the couple even further.

An olive green bomber jacket and khaki cargo pants were the model’s casual ensemble as he held the singer in his arms.

It was spotted during Stevie Wonder’s performance at the event, according to Us Weekly. Although the photographs have gone viral, neither actor has commented on their apparent relationship.

Lipa Performs in New York City on July 10th, and The Two Hang out Afterward

After Lipa performed at the Amazon Prime Day performance in New York City, the model and singer reconnected. People say that Hadid

and his sister Gigi were spotted entering the premises through the back door. The following day, he and Lipa were photographed together in the city, with Lipa clutching her boyfriend’s arm.

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July 22, 2019: They Look Cozy Together in L.A!

Lipa and Hadid made a low-key presence on the west coast over two weeks after their performance in New York. On Melrose, the couple was photographed holding hands and dressed casually for their stroll.

There’s no official word on their relationship status at this point, but that they’re both wearing a similar cardigan just serves to further support it.

August 2019: They Celebrate Dua’s Birthday with Tons of Pda

Birthday celebrations for Lipa were held in Malibu. While swimming, the two were caught on camera kissing in the water,

and the singer later posted a video of her model beau kissing her on the cheek. In the morning, he made pancakes for her.

September 1, 2019: It Sounds Like They’re Moving in Together

According to The Sun, the two will be moving in together later this month after renting an apartment in Manhattan together to be near Hadid’s siblings.


While he was stationed in Los Angeles, she was in London. The stars, on the other hand, have yet to confirm the reports.

On September 5, 2019, They Travel to The Netherlands for Anwar’s Grandmother’s Burial

Dua Lipa‘s attendance at Hadid’s grandmother’s burial in the Netherlands, which was attended by Hadid and his family, was a significant moment in their relationship.

There are pictures of the pop star in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with Anwar (who was joined by his sister Bella) and his sisters Bella and Gigi (who was accompanied by her new partner Tyler Cameron).

September 11, 2019: They Make Their Fashion Week Debut

For the first time, Lipa and Hadid walked the runway together at New York Fashion Week’s Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 presentation. They were both wearing yellow outfits with heart-shaped jewelry to match.

During the MTV Video Music Awards, on November 3, 2019, they show off their PDA skills. The MTV Europe Music Awards were held at the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Center in Seville, Spain,

where Hadid and Lipa showed off their affection for one another. Lipa also performed her new disco track, “Don’t Start Now,” during the Grammys, and Hadid was clearly in the audience cheering her on.

They Make Their Debut on The Red Carpet on November 24, 2019

Lipa and Hadid made their red-carpet debut at the 47th Annual American Music Awards on Sunday night. With her hot pink Miu Miu gown and Bvlgari High jewelry,


Lipa was a sight to behold. A black blazer and an Iron Maiden T-shirt completed the ensemble for Hadid. We haven’t even mentioned the PDA yet.

June 14, 2020: Dua Celebrates Her First Anniversary with Anwar

In June 2020, Lipa and Hadid will mark their first wedding anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, the “Physical”

the singer shared a slew of cute photos of the newlyweds on Instagram. 365 days of joining at the hip with you are “nothing sweeter,” she added.

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Dua and Anwar Adopt a Puppy on August 1, 2020

Adorable new dogs Lipa and Hadid have just been welcomed into their family. A puppy named Dexter has been adopted by the singer and her lover, who announced the news on Instagram.

“Dexter, our teeny-tiny best friend! HE’S PERFECT, thank you so much, @thelabellefoundation “Lipa said alongside a series of pictures of their new dog.

Gigi Hadid, Anwar’s sister, expressed her joy over the birth of her nephew with the caption, “My nephew A VERY GOOD BOY DEXTO FROM ABOVE!”

In Dua’s Latest Song Video, Anwar Makes an Appearance

Hadid appeared in the video for Dua Lipa’s “Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix]”

to show his support for his girlfriend’s profession. End of the track, you can see a couple resting together on the grass. As always, they look adorable.

Anwar and Dua take their puppy to the beach on August 24, 2020. On a Malibu beach, the couple was photographed having fun with their pooch. Further images show them boogie boarding in the water (as well as sneaking in a few kisses).

Rolling Stone Interviews Dua in January 2021 About Their Romance.

Lipa’s cover article for Rolling Stone details her intimate relationship with her fiancé and their time spent together at the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania.

The singer said, “I’m more at ease in this relationship than any other.” As soon as the sun comes out, “[we] take the dog for an early morning walk or a long run,” “eat some food,” “watch a movie,”

or “play with the animals” are all activities that we enjoy doing together. Her boyfriend received two pygmy goats, Funky and Bam-Bam, as a gift from her, and they both enjoy a snuggle.

Valentine’s Day in 2021 Will Be Celebrated by Dua and Anwar. By posting two kissing photographs with the text, “Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers xx,” Lipa proved that she and Hadid are still very much in love.

Dua and Anwar have split in December 2021

The couple was originally reported to be in “crisis discussions” over their relationship by their inner circle in the U.S. Sun. They were known to “break up/get back together/break up/get back together/split up/get back together.”


While traveling so much and spending so much time apart has become difficult for the pair recently, the concept of putting the brakes on their relationship was discussed.”

“The source informed the media outlet. “Their relationship appears to be in jeopardy at the moment. “They’re no longer dating,” an Us Weekly source later revealed.

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