Who is Gautam Adani's wife?

Who Is Gautam Adani’s Wife? Know What His Wife Used to Do Before Marriage!

Preeti Adani, the wife of Gautam Adani and the richest woman in Asia until a few days ago, was a doctor by training but had given up her career for the benefit of the family. She joined the Adani Foundation after getting married and significantly contributed to its growth. In addition to volunteering, he enjoys reading books a lot.

The third-richest man in the world, Gautam Adani, had a fairly low profile in terms of his personal life until a few days ago. Adani refers to his wife as the support in his life. Preeti Adani placed her career on the line for Adani’s advancement, the businessman claimed in an interview. He also discussed his marriage, claiming that Preeti was quite quiet when he first saw her for marriage.

What Did Adani Say on His First Meeting with His Wife?

Preeti and Gautam Adani wed under planned circumstances. Adani had mentioned that he was really shy at the initial meeting. I am an uneducated man, therefore that doctor was obviously a little out of place, Adani had claimed.

Media sources claim that both couples’ marriages were arranged by the patriarchs of their families. Preeti was born in Mumbai, to speak of. She then traveled to Ahmedabad. She has also resided in America for a while with her family.

Who is Gautam Adani's wife?

Preeti excelled in her academics. She graduated from the Government Dental College and Hospital in Ahmedabad after studying medicine there. He had to give up his work though after getting married. She assumed the position of chairwoman of Gautam Adani‘s NGO Adani Foundation in 1996, following their marriage.

Preeti, however, has no reservations about quitting her job. It’s been more than 36 years, she tweeted alongside a photo of her husband celebrating his 60th birthday, adding, “… I abandoned my work to go on a new journey with Gautam Adani. Looking back now, I have a great deal of respect and pride for him.

Preeti Adani claimed in an interview that whenever she is discouraged, Gautam Adani cheers her up and offers brilliant solutions. She had previously stated that she abandoned her career when she recognized that she would only be able to help a small number of people as a dentist but that by joining the foundation, she would be able to help millions of people.

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‘Preeti Ji Left Her Career and Supported Me’

Adani has had his wife’s full backing in creating such a vast enterprise. Preeti ji is my half-pillar, and she looks for the family, including my granddaughter and two children. She is a doctor as well as managing the operations of the charity (Adani Foundation). He encouraged me to leave his medical practice in its entirety. He looked after the family and brought up the kids. And when the kids became older, they took over running the foundation.

He continued to praise his wife, saying, “Now I am satisfied from the core that Preeti is doing the most effort for the charity. provides 7-8 hours per day. Preeti has overseen the foundation’s growth significantly.

Even in The Midst of Busyness, He Takes out Time for His Wife.

Who is Gautam Adani's wife?

According to Gautam Adani, He Spends Three Days a Week Away from Ahmedabad and When He Is There for Four Days, He Arrives at Work Later to Spend More Time with His Family. He Continues, “I Play Card Games with Preeti when I Get Home from Work at Night. She Typically Prevails in My Eight to Ten Rounds of Play.

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Priti Adani Has a Big Hand in Taking Adani Foundation Forward

There Were Only Two Workers at The Adani Foundation when It Was First Founded. Nonetheless, the Foundation Now Asserts that It Assists 32 Lakh People Each Year Throughout India. Its Expansion Has Been Greatly Aided by Preeti Adani.

The Foundation Works Primarily in Four Sectors: Infrastructure Development, Community Health, Education, and Sustainable Livelihood Development.

Apart from Managing the Foundation, What Else Does Preeti Do?

The Foundation Receives the Majority of Preeti’s Attention. He Enjoys Reading Books and Learning About New Technology in His Free Time. She Claims that Startups Inspire Her and Give Her New Ideas. Preeti Enjoys Gardening a lot as well.

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