Who Is Rory Pregnant With: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Matt Czuchry Knows About Rory’s Baby’s Father.

Who Is Rory Pregnant With: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Matt Czuchry Knows About Rory’s Baby’s Father.

When Netflix’s A Year In The Life came to an end, Rory told us that she was pregnant. We don’t know who the father was.

In the finale of Gilmore Girls, we learned that Rory is pregnant, but we don’t know who the father of her unborn child is yet. There was a series called Gilmore Girls that ended in 2007. Netflix brought it back in 2016 for a short series called Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girls: Season 1.

It was a show called A Year in the Life that made things better for Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, and Rory, played by Josh Duhamel (Alexis Bledel).

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are four of the four new Gilmore Girls episodes. They show the lives of the Gilmore Girls for over a year, and they show some big plot points and character changes that fans had been waiting for.

All of this, including the marriage of Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson). In the end, Rory and Lorelai had a conversation in which they talked about how much they loved each other. “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m going to be a father.”

It was a surprise to some fans that Rory got pregnant in Gilmore Girls’ season 8. It was also the end of the revival and the end of Gilmore Girls as we know it.

Rory is Pregnant

So far, it doesn’t look like there will be any more Gilmore Girls episodes that will show us who the father is. Instead, we’ll have to rely on some guesswork.

The most common answer is that Logan, Rory’s ex, is the father of her baby. Matt Czuchry plays Logan. The two had sex during Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. This makes him the most likely father.

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There are a lot of people who could be the father of Rory’s baby, but Logan is the most likely one because he’s a well-known character. It would be more surprising if the father of Rory’s baby was someone that the audience didn’t know very well.

However, it’s also possible that someone else is to blame. Netflix has also made people think this in the past. She dates a guy named Paul (Jack Carpenter) in season 8 of Gilmore Girls, but the joke is that she keeps forgetting.

The Gilmore Girls finale makes it look like she hasn’t seen him for a while. It’s still possible that they did have sex again and we didn’t hear about it, which would fit with the joke.

In “Spring,” Rory sleeps with the unnamed Star Wars fan (the one who wears a Wookiee costume) who isn’t named. This is another theory, but it might be a ploy by the writers to make it seem like this isn’t a big deal.

'Gilmore Girls' spoiler about the father of Rory's baby

It’s less likely that Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) will be the person who doesn’t get back together with Rory in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Even though they had a lot of chemistry, they didn’t get back together. Logan is the most obvious choice to be the father of Rory’s baby, and he’s also the most logical.

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In the same way that Christopher is to Lorelai, he is to Rory. When the show ends with Rory getting pregnant with him, it brings the whole story of Gilmore Girls to a close. It then makes sense of Rory’s last scene with Chris, when she talks about how Chris wasn’t there when Lorelai was pregnant.

It would also make the comparison between Luke and Jess even more clear if there were even more episodes. During Gilmore Girls, we may never know for sure who the father of Rory’s baby is, but we can be pretty sure it’s Logan.

Rory and Jess, on the other hand, fight with each other. They work well together and also care a lot about each other, which is similar to how Luke and Lorelai were together in the show.

With that, A Year in the Life suggests that Logan may be the father of Rory’s baby, but Jess will be the girl’s fate. Without a second season, fans won’t know if this is how Rory’s life turns out.