Why Popular Singer 'Daniel Caesar' Has Been Canceled

Why Popular Singer ‘Daniel Caesar’ Has Been Canceled? Twitter Reminds Him Daily!

Popular singer Daniel Caesar has been “Canceled” for well over a year. In this article, you’ll learn the background and current sentiments surrounding this topic. The meteoric rise and fall of Daniel Caesar is a fascinating case in point of the rise and fall of a once-promising big-time artist who has now joined the ranks of the ‘Canceled’ celebrities.

Twitter users, in contrast to most celebrities, have made an effort to ensure this remains the case. Some of his followers on Twitter continue to wonder what happened after hearing about his cancellation on a regular basis. Find out by reading on!

Just last week, R&B singer Daniel Caesar was the target of a homophobic joke from Dave Chappelle, but it appears that the singer may have lost any sympathy he had gained from the audience. The “Freudian” singer went off on his Black audience during a live Instagram chat, defending controversial party host YesJulz and accusing them of “playing the victim.”

Why is Daniel Caesar Cancelled?

Daniel Caesar ‘cancelled’

Daniel Caesar was ‘canceled’ in March of 2019; surprisingly, he requested this action on his own. The drama started when YesJulz, a singer’s friend and influencer, was accused of exploiting black culture due to comments she made about Scottie Beam and Karen Civil. She was called a “culture vulture” and received backlash after she tweeted a t-shirt bearing a racial slur.

Daniel Caesar went on Instagram Live to address the situation. There were rumors that he posed the following question to viewers during the broadcast:

‘Why are we being so cruel to Julz? So why are we all being so racist against white people at the moment? This is a serious inquiry. I don’t understand why we’re allowed to treat people badly and act rudely whenever they give us any kind of positive attention. It’s not fair to compare them like that.

I don’t want to be made to look like I have no sense of humor. Yes, white people have been cruel to us in the past, but what are you going to do about it now? Can you please explain your plan of action in this regard? The only option is to keep making stuff, learning more about it, and pushing forward.

He continued, “You have to close that chasm. He concluded by saying he’d been drinking too much and asking everyone to “cancel him”: Cancel me if you want. I’m making some music at the moment, and you don’t have to listen to it.

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What Has He said About It?

In a 2020 interview with the CBC, Daniel Caesar discussed his “Cancellation.” During the Instagram live, he recalled the event, saying:

I was visiting the Philippines with some pals. And as you can see, we have a very racially diverse team. Originally, we hail from the Great White North. In general, we get along fine. Likewise, if I find you interesting and appreciate what you’re doing, our differences in skin tone shouldn’t prevent us from working together for the greater good.

And while we were there, things were happening back in the Philippines. I was going through a lot, we were having a lot of life-altering conversations, and I was drinking a lot. Moreover, I recently witnessed a violent assault, and it hit close to home. After further consideration, perhaps that wasn’t a mountain worth dying on.

Because his words hurt others, he said: As for me, I witnessed it. Plus, maybe I was just lost because this is something that everyone goes through. I’ve heard much worse said about me, but the point is that people will always say hurtful things to you. And if I did hear someone else say that.

I wouldn’t go on my computer and tell them to kill themselves. Maybe it’s just me and everything I’ve been through. In addition, I can’t get upset because other people are upset with me. This is just the way things are in the real world.

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Twitter Fans Reminds Him Daily That He’s Canceled!

A lot of fans still seem hurt by the cancellation, even though Daniel Caesar has since released popular music (including music with R&B legend Brandi). However, there are those who admit they are still fans of his work.

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