Adipurush Teaser Controversy

Adipurush Teaser Controversy: Saif Ali Khan Trolled For His Looks as Raavan!

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut and starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon, has been a hot topic in the media since its star-studded cast was revealed. In anticipation of Dussehra, the producers released the first official teaser for it just recently. Well, here’s the rub. It was met with criticism online; some saw the elaborate visual effects as a terrible rip-off, while others were put off by the film’s cartoonish presentation of the subject.

What Is Adipurush Controversy?

Many internet users are dissatisfied with the teaser’s depiction of the great Ramayana story. Fans on social media speculated online whether Saif Ali Khan was playing the role of Raavan, “Babar,” or “Alauddin Khilji” due to the film’s weak visual effects and his appearance as Ravana with a beard.

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Bjp Slams Om Raut’s Adipurush

Malavika Avinash, an actress, and spokesperson for the BJP have criticized the director Om Raut for the misrepresentation of the Ramayana and Raavana in the teaser for his next period epic Adipurush. Malavika, speaking to ANI on the same topic, voiced her displeasure with the way Raavana was portrayed, saying,

“I’m disappointed that the filmmaker didn’t even bother to read Valmiki’s Ramayana, Kamba’s Ramayana, Tulsidasa’s Ramayana, or any of the other many Ramayana versions that can be found in countries as far-flung as Thailand, where stunning Ramayana performances are often staged. There are several films in Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil that depict how Raavana seemed, therefore he might have at least looked into our own cinematic canon.”

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“To visualize Raavana, he should have looked up NT Rama Rao or Dr. Rajkumar from “Bhookailasa,” or any of these outstanding actors, SV Ranga Rao from “Sampoorna Ramayana.” In the photos I’ve seen flying about, the Raavana is a man with blue eye makeup and a leather jacket who doesn’t look remotely Indian. Our past is being represented here, and they can’t do it under the pretense of artistic license “She went on.

According to what Malavika has said, “And we were the Ramayana,” he said, “and it represents this nation, its civilization, and its people. So, not even a film director can assume anything. That this has been misrepresented has made me both angry and sad “. Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, reportedly cost more than Rs 400 crore to produce, with most of that going on visual effects; however, the film’s reception has been less than enthusiastic.

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