Shashi Tharoor Controversy

Shashi Tharoor Controversy: Congress Leader Accused of Map Controversy Again!

Shashi Tharoor Controversy: The office of Congress presidential candidate Shashi Tharoor has published a manifesto. The brochure makes use of a map of India to highlight the various Congress units spread over the country, albeit some areas of J&K and Ladakh have been left blank. After the BJP launched its onslaught, the leader’s office went into damage control mode.

On Friday, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor issued an “unconditional” apology for his role in yet another India map scandal. This time, the J&K and Ladakh regions weren’t included in the manifesto the Thiruvanathapuram MP submitted to the Congress Presidential Elections.

Shashi Tharoor Controversy Again

BJP leader Amit Malviya quickly moved to Twitter following the manifesto’s release to criticize the “want to be Congress President” and highlight the map. The Congress leader’s office came under fire from politicians and regular Twitter users alike, who both accused him of fostering division in the country.

In an effort to calm the storm, Tharoor explained that “no one does such things on purpose” and that the volunteer team in question had made an honest error. “No one intentionally causes a troll storm on a manifesto map, so stop thinking that. Inadvertently, a tiny group of volunteers botched a task.

We fixed the problem right away, and I deeply regret the oversight “the Congressman tweeted. It should also be noted that after the vicious attacks, Tharoor’s office sprang into action to try to repair the damage. The revised manifesto included an updated map of India.

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Tharoor’s Past Controversies

Indeed, this is not Tharoor’s first brush with the law over a contentious map. A skewed map, missing chunks of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir, was used on the cover of a booklet given by the leader in 2019 to illustrate the protests of the Kerala Congress against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). After the BJP used his error in attacking Congress, he removed the map.

On Friday, prominent BJP member Amit Malviya also tweeted about the incident. To decentralize power and fully empower the party’s grassroots office-bearers, Shashi Tharoor, who filed his candidacy papers for the top seat at the AICC headquarters in Delhi earlier today, has advocated for re-imagining the party’s organizational culture.

He argued that the new leader would be relieved of the burden of excessive administration if power were delegated to state leaders and grassroots workers were given more authority. This would also foster the kind of strong state leadership that had bolstered Congress’s national appeal in the past.

Tharoor stated that he made the decision to run for office because he believes it will strengthen Congress and because he has many ideas to reform and re-energize the party in the wake of its recent electoral setbacks. These ideas include increasing consultative mechanisms, decentralizing power within the party, and providing ‘Karyakartas’ with greater access to leadership at all levels.

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