5 Ft 7 Inch – Hair Length Of India’s Rapunzel


The tale of Rapunzel is an unsurpassed great. To quickly clarify the fantasy, Rapunzel was a youthful lady who was caught in a pinnacle by an insidious witch who took her from her folks during childbirth. In any case, the most prevalent component of the story is Rapunzel’s long hair that goes directly down to the base of the pinnacle.

Be that as it may, presently it appears the fantasy has sprung up through a 16-year-old Gujarati young lady, Nilanshi Patel, who as of late entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest hair on an adolescent.

Nilanshi’s hair estimates 5-foot, 7-inches and she hasn’t had a hair style since the age of six.

“I got my hair style, a downright awful hair style. In this way, at that point I concluded that I won’t trim my hair. I chose that when I was six and have not cut it since,” Nilanshi disclosed to Guinness World Records in a meeting.

Nilanshi disclosed to Allure.com that her companions have nicknamed her ‘Rapunzel’ and she washes her hair once every week with the assistance of her mom.

“Individuals feel that I confront such huge numbers of issues with my hair, yet I don’t confront any issues, I do sports and every one of the things with my hair. It’s a rabbit’s foot for me,” she told Allure.com.

Nilanshi included she more often than not styles her hair as a long mesh or a bun.

“When I am setting off to an event, or when I am playing table tennis, I bun my hair on my head with the goal that it is agreeable for me,” she told the site.


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