Here’s why 72nd independence day of India is special


15 August 1947, 71 years back India celebrated its first ever independence day. A freedom from foreign rule. It indeed was a memorable event. And therefore we celebrate it so much exuberance. Every year brings a subtle memory of the history. The freedom struggles, the urge to be independent, the courageous leaders and the developing cycle have their places intact. Celebrations always had a great deal of innovative events. This year is also similar. But with a pinch of new ideas which makes the whole month special.

Here's why 72nd independence day of India is special
India celebrating its 72nd independence day on 15th August 2018

History of India’s independence day

India has a long history of the freedom struggles. India was once called the golden bird. A land full of resources. But soon it was encroached by the British empire and ruled for around 200 years. The Indian independence movement was a series of protests that consists in ending the occupation of the British Empire in India. The movement spanned a total of 90 years

Here's why 72nd independence of India is special
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

The freedom movement saw many martyrs. The first revolutionary was Mangal Pandey. But the path was not well trodden. Every one made their own efforts to bring freedom to India. Some received recognition. Whereas some died in anonymity. But the cycle of freedom movements brought justice to every sacrifice. Some of the famous movements were the Non-Cooperation movement, Quit India movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in a sober, non-violent way. The way he shaped our independence was truly admirable. Though, another set of heroes led the flank with another philosophy of snatching away the birth rights from the foreign rule.

However, India received its freedom. The efforts paid off. And now India is growing. Although it is still a developing nation. But the growth is paving on a good platform.

What’s special this year?

Every year people witness a similar kind of excitement across the country. It remains the same for this year too. A national holiday to commemorate Indian independence, the freedom struggles of martyrs and bag the pride of being an Indian. India is a country of diversity. There is diversity in religion, caste, culture and language. But on this day, there are no exceptions. There are Indians everywhere and the essence of unity in diversity.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the special events occurring across the country for this independence day.

The events

  • Listening to radio might sound perishing. But the radio services still ascend to one of the popular infotainment media. So, India’s most popular radio station i.e., Red FM came up with a heart warming concept.
    Here's why 72nd independence day of India is special
    National jock exchange – an initiative by Red FM

    The concept is called “Crossing the border”. However, The radio jockeys are not going to foreign land. The cool idea is to exchange the jockeys from their home city to a different city. The idea thereby attempts to create a diversified culture by mixing people from different cultural background. They will also interact with general public which may reduce the misconceptions and stereotypes against a particular culture.

  • Popular online shopping sites have found their way of attracting customers this month. Flipkart and Amazon are providing mega sale on every products this independence day. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your products till the sale end. The offers are lucrative with great deals and discounts. The offers for various products have deals for a window upto 15th August. So hurry up and grab the deal you deserve.
  • Another event in the list is hosted by Viacom 18 owned Vh1. A huge fan base on Indine music has coined the idea. Vh1 will take you down the journey of 72 Indian musicians. It will video blog their experiences and showcase the best works. Furthermore, Vh1 will also host the longest multicity Facebook live relay with artists like Parikrama in the capital city Delhi at The Piano Man Jazz Bar; The Koniac Net, Laxmi Bomb in Mumbai at The Quarter; Oceantied & Thermal And A Quarter in Bangalore at The Humming Tree on 15th August giving viewers a chance to connect with their favorite artists.

    Vh1’s 72 for 72

But are we really independent?

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The question still remains. Yes, we a free from foreign rule and their atrocities. But what about the intrinsic ruler? What about the wrong number we have in our mind?

Some of the incidents in the past really makes us feel shameful at times. Some proud moments washes away with a blink of an eye. The atrocities in the name of caste. The exploitation of weak by the dominants is yet another classic example one can see in independent India. The fate of the society is in the hands of individuals.


Here's why 72nd independence day of India is special
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Here's why 72nd independence day of India is special
Independence day has always been special to Indians. Freedom from slavery as it seems but this year it is going to be more special. Know how.
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