Chinese Boy Embeds USB Line In His Penis !


In an odd episode revealed from China, a 13-year-old person embedded a USB line in his penis. According to the report in Heilongjiang Metropolis Channel, a unidentified 13-year-old kid remove a USB head and embedded the four-inch-long link into his penis. The link some way or another entered the kid’s bladder and ended up tangled.

The kid was then taken to a healing facility in Heilongjiang area however was exchanged to Harbin Children’s Hospital for better treatment. The specialists had a go at expelling the link utilizing oil yet were unsuccessful after which they turned to medical procedure.

This isn’t the first occasion when that restorative help has been looked for peculiar episodes, for example, this. In 2013, a 70-year-old Australian man embedded a four inches in length fork into his urethra, which, later was expelled by specialists by utilizing forceps and grease. This case additionally discovered notice in the International Journal of Surgery Case Report were the specialists who had led the medical procedure examined the case and difficulties they confronted while completing the activity on the man’s reproductive organs.

Likewise, a man in China embedded a chopstick into his penis in 2016 on the grounds that he thought his urethra was broken, revealed Fox News. The man likewise expected medical procedure to get the article evacuated.

A year ago, a 35-year-old in China was admitted to healing center after he grumbled of torment in his genitalia. The specialists played out a x-beam and were appalled when they came to realize that the man had 15 sewing needles into his penis. On being asked the man said he got fulfillment by embeddings needles into his reproductive organs and included that he had been doing this since 2016.


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