This Decision By Donald Trump Has Shaken The World !


This decision by US President Donald Trump has shaken the world from the very beneath because It has touched that nerve which can cause the huge destruction of human civilization – “Religion”. The destiny of the antiquated city of Jerusalem is one of the thorniest issues amongst Israel and the Palestinians and the US via Trump jumping in as one-sided favourer has raised the bar of tensions of again which can lead the world into straight out modern nuke “religious”  war! 



  • Talking at the White House, the US president said he had “judged this game-plan to be to the greatest advantage of the United States of America, and the quest for peace amongst Israel and the Palestinians”.
  • He said he was guiding the US state office to start arrangements to move the US international embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • In spite of notices of territorial distress over any such move, the choice satisfies a crusade guarantee and advances to Mr Trump’s conservative base.
  • “Today, I am conveying,” the US pioneer stated, referencing the crusade vow.
  • Perceiving Jerusalem as Israel’s capital seemed to be “not much or not as much as an acknowledgement of reality”, he included. “It is additionally the correct activity.”
  • Trump portrayed the move as “a long late advance” to propel the Middle East peace process.
  • Trump said the despite everything us upheld a two-state answer for the longstanding clash if affirmed by the two sides, which would basically observe the formation of a free Palestinian state living close by Israel.



  • The choice to perceive Jerusalem as Israel’s capital puts the US inconsistent with whatever is left of the universal group’s view on Jerusalem’s status.
  • The status of Jerusalem goes to the core of Israel’s contention with the Palestinians.
  • The city is home to key religious locales hallowed to Judaism, Islam and Christianity, particularly in East Jerusalem.
  • Israel possessed the part, beforehand involved by Jordan, in the 1967 Middle East war and sees the whole city as its indissoluble capital.
  • The Palestinians guarantee East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state, and as per the 1993 Israel-Palestinian peace agrees, its last status is intended to be examined in the last phases of peace talks.
  • Israeli sway over Jerusalem has never been perceived universally, and as of recently, all nations have kept up their international safe havens in Tel Aviv.
  • Jerusalem contains locales hallowed to the three noteworthy monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
  • East Jerusalem, which incorporates the Old City, was attacked by Israel after the Six Day War of 1967, yet isn’t globally perceived as a feature of Israel.





  • Accordingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a notable day, and Israel was significantly appreciative of President Trump.
  • “Jerusalem has been the concentration of our expectations, our fantasies, our petitions for three centuries,” he tweeted.
  • Mr Abbas, the Palestinian pioneer, said in a pre-recorded TV discourse that the city was the “interminable capital of the territory of Palestine”.
  • He prior cautioned of “risky results” through a representative, a notion resounded by other Arab pioneers, who said there could be distress.



  • Pioneers from inside the Arab and Muslim universes, and from the more extensive worldwide group, were quick to condemn the move. Some cautioned of the potential for viciousness and slaughter accordingly.
  • The US choice comes notwithstanding vocal restriction in the Muslim world, even among US partners.
  • Saudi Arabia’s King Salman had said that the move “would constitute an outrageous incitement of Muslims, everywhere throughout the world”.
  • Exhibits have officially occurred in Gaza and outside the US office in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The Arab League called it “an unsafe measure that would have repercussions” over the district, and furthermore scrutinized the future part of the US as a “trusted arbiter” in peace talks.
  • Iran said the choice gambled “another intifada”, or uprising. Its outside service said the US had obviously disregarded global resolutions.
  • Executive Theresa May said she couldn’t help contradicting the US choice, which was “unhelpful regarding prospects for peace in the locale”
  • French President Emmanuel Macron said France did not bolster the move and called for quiet
  • EU boss representative Federica Mogherini voiced “genuine concern”





India has always been neutral but will again share this stance on the international map even on the biggest religious matter of all in which almost every religion or faith has a share, directly or indirectly (As VHP also once said this is the place of Hindus) but Narendra Modi our PM is not using this issue in the assembly of his own state Gujarat where he used the ongoing “Ayodhya Dispute” in court as a weapon in his political programme and as an analyst I suspect Trump is not an ignorant who was not noticing it and in order to prove himself as the bigger rightist leader he goes – far right and in the midst of cold war with North Korea, triggered another sunk issue of “Jersueleum” just when the Ayodha Dispute  was trending again, which will change the religious balance around the globe and can be the prime reason behind the WORLD WAR-III .

For India even if it does not take a stance, will have to face the consequences as its bitter enemy the pro-Islamist Pakistan has given its support towards the Palestine and India is pro-Israel so battle through proxy terrorism, cold wars, diplomatic battles are coming free for already bowled out INDO-PAK relations. Let’s see what happens religiously throughout the world. As I said always no water, no robots, no cyber but only religion will be the only reason disguised or openly behind the WORLD WAR -III signs of which have come from strongly!








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