Man Leaves His Dog In The Middle Of The Road


A viral video is being shared on YouTube. In this video, a man leaves his dog in the middle of the road. The dog does not understand this motive of his master earlier, he feels that he has brought his master back. But as soon as the dog realizes that his master has come to leave him forever, he starts running behind his master.

Meanwhile, the heart of the owner does not melt at all, he leaves the dog and closes the car. Meanwhile, the dog escapes behind the car. After this CCTV footage is viral on social media, the dog is now living in boarding canals. Now its name is coming up Snoop.

This incident happened on the Pacific Road which is situated in England’s Trentham. Where a Staffordshire bull leaves his master with his bed on the road and this whole sentence gets imprisoned in CCTV.

This is really a shocking incident which has shook over the whole social media community altogether. While some are angry , some are even happy but amongst the most people are shocked and asked this question only- Why this man left his dog alone ?


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