Mission To Mars: This Experiment By NASA might take humans to the Red Planet.

humans in space for mission mars

Traversing the mars has been a goal of the national space for decades. To determine the life possibility on the red planet, extensive research has been done in the past. Mission to Mars is finally taking place.

And guess what? We’ve been successful! Yes! Humans are going to Mars!

The mission to Mars is finally being executed.

How is it being planned and enforced?

NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has
conducted a Human Research Program. Through this, it is requesting proposals for research to ascertain the physical and mental health well being of the humans throughout the tenure of their mission in the space.

The gravity of the issue is due to the following factors-

  • The atmosphere on Mars is made mainly of carbon dioxide and contains very less amount of oxygen
  • The gravity on Mars is one-third of that of Earth.


Hence, it is very important to identify all the precautionary steps beforehand. On the mission to Mars, NASA aims to address five hazards of human space travel: space radiation, isolation and confinement, distance from Earth, gravity fields and hostile/closed environments that are highly hazardous for a normal man. (Also check about these glow in the dark plants developed by MIT)

What is the basic objective at this time?

The program decides to include as many as 30 astronauts. Each for a different duration of time during the mission. Therefore, at this moment it is crucial to understand the living mechanisms on the red planet. So that travel can be done safely. Also, executions can be made consequently. The well being of the people taking up the expedition is of utmost importance.


The much awaited announcement!

Can life sustain on any planet other than Earth?

Well, it has been the question everyone has ever wanted to know. Every scientist and technologist has been looking for the answer. Perhaps, we might find the answer this time.

Humanity finally takes the much-needed leap, it has been yearning to take, ever since. Further studies will be done, after landing on Mars, to establish further missions to be captured.

Well, our generation will be the first to get through it. Yaay! As this is the time to implement and manifest the results.

Proposals are due January 4, 2018, and NASA expects in late summer 2018 to select 15 to 18 proposals for grants with a maximum duration of seven years. The mission is set to launch in July/August 2020.

Keep your fingers crossed. Imaginations do come true!

Mission To Mars: This Experiment By NASA might take humans to the Red Planet.
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Mission To Mars: This Experiment By NASA might take humans to the Red Planet.
Mission to Mars? We've been wondering for so long that when will this actually become true! So, let me tell you that this event is actually taking place. Too good to be true? Perhaps! Let's read on!
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