More Than Half Engineering Students Didn’t Get Placed This Year


Campus Placements for building understudies crossed the 40% stamp (and hit 42%) without precedent for a long time in 2017-18 on the back of all the more employing by organizations combined with the conclusion of designing universities and lower enrolments.

While it is disturbing that 58% of designing students across the nation were as yet unfit to discover an occupation on grounds, the 42% extent is substantially higher than what it has been previously. As per information from the All India Council for Technical Education, the figure was 38.39% of every 2016-17 and 31.95% out of 2013-14.

While additionally enlisting was the main impetus behind this, the conclusion of building universities and lower enrolments helped as well.

The enrolment figure in 2017-18 declined to 750,000 from 944,000 out of 2013-14. Presently, 3225 building establishments under the AICTE, India’s pinnacle specialized training controller, offer college classes. The number of establishments has declined from 3400 out of 2014-15.


The poor enrolment rate incited a few states to request that the AICTE boycott the production of more seats in designing universities. Various states, for example, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan submitted petitions to the AICTE, which reports to the Union human asset advancement service, not to set up newly specialized establishments.

As indicated by individuals comfortable with the improvements, there has been an expansion in the quantity of grounds arrangements as the legislature had made temporary positions obligatory to build the alleged employability of understudies. The individuals who have effectively interned at organizations discover work less demanding to arrive.

“In excess of 3.8 lakh understudies in third-year anchored summer entry-level positions, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. The number will go up to encourage this year and will reflect in more understudies getting put,” said a senior AICTE official on the state of namelessness.

A comparable pattern is seen with understudies enlisted for recognition and post-graduate courses in designing organizations under the AICTE. In post-graduate projects, enrolment dropped from 100000 of every 2012-13 to 68000 out of 2017-18. Arrangements expanded from 18% to 21% in a similar period. Among confirmation understudies, the enrolment figure dropped insignificantly from 680,000 to 670,000, while positions expanded from 18.6% to 24%.



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