Mumbai Cops Helped Pregnant Woman In This Humanistic Way

Mumbai Cops

On Christmas Eve, Mumbai Cops played out a supernatural occurrence. In a video that has as of late turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media, cops can be seen holding up a bed-sheet as a lady conveys a child amidst a bustling station.

Geeta Dipak Wagere and her better half were hanging tight to get a train to Pune from Dadar railroad station on December 24. Nonetheless, Geeta’s water bankrupt in the stage itself before the couple could board the train.

It was then that cops who were positioned adjacent chose to venture up and help the lady in labor. With the assistance of different workers, the four officers held up a mass of bedsheets around Geeta and her significant other.

CCTV film of the stage demonstrates a few ladies who are remaining around Geeta, who is spread on the floor. They and the police men swarm around Geeta as she conveys the child.

Great deeds only sometimes go unnoticed via web-based networking media and neither did this one. When a video of the procedures achieved Twitter, individuals began sharing it and hailing the cops and the kindred suburbanites as saints who spared the day.

The conveyance was effective and both mother and infant are doing great at this point


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