Planet X Nibiru Researcher Under Attack & Speculations

Planet X

Matt Rogers, who is situated in the UK, is persuaded the claimed  Planet X Nibiru framework is going to pass the earth, causing anarchy by activating quakes and volcanic emissions.

In day by day video refreshes he presents on YouTube channel Skywatcher Matt Rogers, he says the worldwide governments and NASA are concealing the presence of Nibiru in the midst of fears reality would cause the mass frenzy.

He says they will withdraw to underground shelters and are shutting out seeing Nibiru in our nearby planetary group by showering chemicals into the sky.

The Nibiru or Planet X hypothesis is that a smaller than normal nearby planetary group comprising of a sun, planets and moons is sneaking on the edge of our close planetary system with a colossal circle of the sun.

The Planet X Nibiru Framework

Nibiru devotees are persuaded the “maverick framework” is advancing from the external close planetary system inwards, where it will wreak devastation on Earth as it goes at around four million miles away, however, makes the posts switch and extraordinary seismic tremors and volcanic emissions.

In his most recent video, Mr Rogers said he had come “under assault” for attempting to get “reality” out there.

He stated: “They assault me amid the night and the time I get my youngsters from school.”

“So somebody in the UK knows the timetable, and they say some truly horrendous things.”

“I could uncover their names, however, I’m not going to go that far. I know precisely their identity.”


“You must make an inquiry… why are they doing this to our channels?

“All things considered, truly they realize that we are standing up reality.

“There are not really whatever other channels that get as pounded as us, the truther channels.

“Steve Olsen (another scheme scholar) and I are getting assaulted each and every day.

“It truly is a circumstance, yet we are not going to remain for it.”

Mr Rogers additionally said he has been blamed for causing alarm with his recordings.

He included: “Individuals say I’m causing frenzy, dread and stress.

“No, I don’t hear to cause stress or frenzy. I’m here in light of the fact that I need to demonstrate the genuine pictures of these progressions in our skies and to uncover these chem planes that splash and damage our environment.”

The Nibiru myth rose in 1976 when author Zecharia Sitchin asserted that two antiquated Middle Eastern societies – the Babylonians and Sumerians – recounted a goliath planet – Nibiru – that circled the Sun.

Luckily, NASA demands that devotees like Mr Rogers are totally wrong, and the Nibiru myth is a web scam.

NASA researcher Dr David Morrison stated: “There is no dependable proof whatever for the presence of Nibiru. There are no photos, no following, no cosmic perceptions.


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