Relationships and weight. Are they correlated?

relationship weight gain
Can Love make you gain weight?

Romance, love and relationships are so synonymous to us, making us think about the right person right beside us.

relationships and weight gain
Relationships and weight gain

The one, you can count on to share your day and night and also deepest secrets with. Among all these lovey-dovey situations, one of the most prominent feature is the addition of ‘extra pounds‘.

Yes, That’s True. Scientific research has prompted that relationship weight gain is real for many. It is found that people engaged in happy relationships tend to gain weight because of the changes in Behavior and mind frames of the individuals.

Though the weight gain may vary from individual to individual but adding some pounds is inevitable and women have more tendency to gain weight than their male counterpart.

Why Do people gain weight in relationships?

As per the study, happy couples tend to gain more weight. But not only the happiness adds to the belly fat, there are also other factors attributing to weight gain.

relationships and weight gain
Happy couples gain weight
  1. People often associate weight to their appearance and once they have settled down, appearance becomes less important to them as they tend to live healthier lifestyle (rather unhealthier) which add on to their weight.
  2. Maintaining relationships is not an easy task at hand. It involves stress. Stress of working things out, keeping a balance between personal and professional life, managing time to spend with the loved ones. Stress and anxiety makes one to put on weight.
  3. Being more involved in relationships make one inactive physically as mental compatibility is achieved. So, people tend to avoid physical exercises.
  4. Dinner and lunch dates and too much of outside food leads to intake of sugar and fat elements. Fat equals no good.


Women in relationships tend to gain more weight

A study by North Carolina University found that the couples who began to co-habit together were twice prone to obesity as compared to their single friends. And the risk of obesity in women increases with the duration of relationships.

relationships and weight gain
Belly fat

So, what’s playing here? Only food and comfort or something else?

Let’s find out.

  1. Psychologists confer to the fact that women lose their self focus when they enter into a relationship. They prioritize their partner’s needs and are obsessive towards quality relationships. This leads to societal pressure with the responsibilities of making relationships work and thus neglecting themselves.
  2. Relationships provide them with a self confidence and make them comfortable in their own skin. Being known to the fact that the other half will love them no matter what, the little sense of insecurity is gone and gone is the tendency to look fit.
  3. Women let them go a bit and stop paying attention to their appearances when partners are loving and supportive.
  4. Partner allowing women to do whatever they want, e.g. sitting in front of the idiot box like a potato and eating chips. Consider it similar to bad parenting.

Men also do gain weight but not much.

We have something in the box for men too. Relationships weight gain is common in men too but the duration of this gain is only for a short time. As the male brain is more active towards physical factors of the lifestyle, men tend to ease down with the routine and they simply are not as ’emotional’ as women.

Chris Pratt talks about his relationship with Anna Faris, his reputation as the nicest guy in Hollywood and his dramatic weight loss for Jurassic World.


  1. Appearance need not matter once they know that the significant other love them for who they are.
  2. Office chores and sitting all day as well as following unhealthy diet leads to obesity.
  3. Anxiety and stress is common though less than women, but it is still there.
  4. Unusual Drinking and smoking habits risk them with cholesterol and weight gain.


What are the ways to avoid weight gain?

It is not easy to keep self in a strict routine despite all the articles flying over in the internet. The relationships weight gain issue is more of a psychological ones and involves mental health more than the diet.

But, surely there are some ways to avoid the physical factors to an extent to keep your slim fit jeans not out of the league.

  1. Instead of dining out, dine in. Cook delicacies at home and try to engage in activities making ambiance of the home more delighting.
  2. Recognize bad habits and reconcile them. Stop sitting on sofa and watching netflix, gulping popcorn every evening. Go for a jog, or bowling or swimming whatever your hobbies are.
  3. Consider your drinking habit. Order for a glass than emptying the whole bottle.
  4. No need to trying to keep up. Just because your partner can finish a whole platter, you don’t need to. Understand your limits and communicate them.
  5. Instead of cliched dates, go out for some more enthralling experiences that will engage both of you actively.
relationships and weight gain
Go for healthy breakfast dates


Healthy living must be the priority of life because living together is what it means in a relationship. Try to fit yourself in a portrait and the colors will fill by themselves.

Do relationships make you gain weight?
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Do relationships make you gain weight?
All of us are in search of that special one with whom we can talk day in and day out, share our deepest secrets, connect emotionally and expect them to be on our side no matter what may come. But do relationships makes us obese.
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