The Disney marketing machine celebrates as Mickey Mouse turns 90!


Small subtle are not the Walt Disney Company’s style.But a new effort to focus attention on one of it’s oldest characters, Mickey Mouse ,is truly something to behold.

Disney has billions of dollars in merchandise sales to consider.Mickey and his friends Minnie ,Pluto and Goofy make up Disney’s top-selling consumer products franchise,generating annual retail sales of at $3.2 billion,according to The Licensing Letter, a trade publication.

Mickey turns 90

That tally does not include the Disney Store chain or outlets at Disney’s theme parks.Disney does not disclose sales information ,although a spokeswoman said that the franchise had been growing both domestically and overseas.

Disney’s is using Mickey’s 90th birthday as a monstrous marketing moment,with the company’s cross-promotional machine revved up to what may be its highest level yet.

Walt Disney will celebrate ,Mickey’s 90th spectacular

Every corner of the $168 billion company is contributing to the campaign ,which will intensify when ABC runs “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular“.Disney theme parks will be hosting events into next year.

Disney executives describe the effort as a chance to polish the company’s broader brand and remind people – as Netflix moves deeper into family entertainment and Disney prepares to unveil its own streaming service -that the Magic Kingdom has been serving up beloved characters for decade.

Mickey made his official debut in 1928 in “Steamboat Willie,” Hollywood’s first cartoon with synchronised sound.

 Stickers for everyone!

Mickey’s popularity has remained remarkably stable over the years .

A springtime poll by the company showed that 26 percent of the United States population ranked Mickey as the favorite cartoon character ,far above the average.Mickey’s appeal was particularly high among Latinos,39 percent of whom said he was a favorite.

The Theme Park

Disney’s vast theme park operation is one reason the squeaky-voiced rodent has remained so embedded in the culture .The parks which attracted more than 150 million visitors last year ,offer the masses a touch point -quite literally.

For the current campaign ,the Disney parks will stock commemorative merchandise ,sell “limited edition” desserts and host a dizzying number of events billed as the World’s Biggest Mouse Party.

Hong Kong Disneyland will hand out birthday stickers to guests as they enter ,for instance and Disneyland will hand out birthday stickers to guests as they enter ,for instance ,and Disneyland Paris has those those colossal(inedible) cupcakes on display.

Starting in mid-January,Disney World in Florida will introduce a Mickey-focused “street jubliee”.


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