The Great Bhopal Hostage Drama Which Ended In Wedding !


A 12-hour hostage drama in Bhopal finished tonight with a curve once in a while observed. The prisoner taker – a throwing chief – and the prisoner – a model – advised the police they need to wed.

At 6 toward the beginning of today, 30-year-old Rohit went into the place of the 30-year-old model on the fifth floor of a loft working in Bhopal’s Misrod region and blasted the entryway from inside. The lady had supposedly opened the entryway for him.

His request: the lady ought to wed him. Rohit asserted the two knew each other from Mumbai where they prior worked, and were enamoured. The main hiccup: the families were against their marriage. What’s more, that incited Rohit to take this intense measure, police said.


On hearing the bustle toward the beginning of the day, the neighbours called the police, who attempted to first power their way in, however, were unsuccessful. Sub-assessor GS Rajput prior in the day said he was assaulted with a scissor by Rohit when he endeavoured to jump in. Rohit additionally had a nation made the weapon and asserted he would murder himself if his request was not met.

From that point, the police changed affability. They started conversing with Rohit through video visit and even utilized a water driven lift of the fire unit to approach the window of the fifth floor to attempt and converse with him. In the midst of feverish transactions, Rohit requested nourishment, water, a portable charger and a stamp paper.

He could be seen blazing a triumph sign from the intensely flame broiled window, and had even persuaded the model to record on the stamp paper that she would, in reality, wed him, police said.

It took two policemen and a sub-divisional officer hours to persuade Rohit and let the police inside the flat. Both Rohit and the lady have been taken for therapeutic treatment.

“We have protected the young lady, her condition is steady. She has been sent for therapeutic treatment. The man (who held her prisoner) has likewise been sent for medicinal treatment,” said Superintendent of Police Rahul Lodha.

The police say they have mentored the two and let them know there is nothing incorrectly in two consenting grown-ups needing to wed each other. Be that as it may, it isn’t clear, what charges will be recorded against Rohit, who was conveying a nation made the gun.


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