Hyderabad Aims to Become Beggar-Free City by 2018

Beggar-free Hyderabad

In a bid to eradicate beggary, Hyderabad City has initiated a drive to make it India’s first Beggar-Free City. The drive has received support from Hyderabad City Police. The Prison Department has asked residents to ‘locate’ and ‘inform’ about beggars, in order to ‘win awards’. It is giving a reward prize of Rs. 500 on Christmas Eve, to those who inform and report about a Beggar. (Hyderabad is the Best City to Live in India. To know more, Click here)

Telangana Prisons Department Inspector General Narsimha “The process is going well, in the last one and a half month we have conducted several programs for beggars for their morale boost. Cot, mattress, TV and pillows were provided to them, we are also giving educational and moral classes to them.”


  • The Prison Department has decided to provide ‘temporary shelter home’ for beggars.
  • However, two separate shelter homes, one for males and the other for females, have been set up. The male beggar home is in Chanchalguda jail, while the one for females is in Challapalli jail.
  • Special couscelling sessions have been arranged for them so that they do not the return to the vicious circle begging.
  • Moreover, the Prison Department has promised that they will take care for the rehabilitation of the beggars.
    Additionally, skill development training and jobs will be provided to the beggars.
  • It will also take care of those who have retorted to beggary due to health issues.

Prisons DG V K Singh said, “Soon we will rope in social counsellors and NGO workers in place of prison officials and open air prison inmates to assist the beggars who are infirm and sick in Anand Ashram. We are in the process of making the ashram self sustainable.”

The Times of India reported that the shelter homes are actually Correction Programs that will provide Special Correction facilities to the beggars.

Deputy Jailor, deputed to Anand Ashram, Chanchalguda Jail, Subhash said, “Beggars diet is much better than prisoners diet, we are spending Rs 90 per head for one day, if we see the prisoners we will be spending only Rs 68 to 70 per head for one day, here we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner with two times tea, we will also provide two times egg in the week and non-veg on Sunday.”


  • The drive has also proved to be an eye opener. Several ‘well qualified’ people were found begging on the roads of Hyderabad. In its first phase, for instance, an MBA graduate and a Green Card Holder were spotted begging.
  • Additionally, the Prison Department has been instrumental in providing jobs to beggars. One commerce graduate was hired as a Computer Operator and the other, a therapist, was hired as an assistant therapist in Prison Department’s Ayurvedic Hospital.

The ‘Beggar-free’ Hyderabad drive is in its second phase. The first phase of the drive was implemented in November, as Hyderabad hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 : Key Points You Just Can’t Miss. To know more, Click here)

However, the drive had received a lot of flak at that time. There were speculations that the beggars were actually sidelined due to Ivanka Trump’s Hyderabad visit.

However, beggars in these shelter homes have to follow the norms laid down to them by the Authorities. The rules restrict their freedom and several, therefore, want to go back to their ‘usual lives’.



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