Bofors Case Reopens : What’s There This Time?



Well the infamous Bofors Case which caused the downfall  of then  “clean and progressive” Rajiv Gandhi Government , the largest majority formed government  has remerged  from it s slumber to hound the congress party after the CBI (CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION) informed  its readiness for the probe in the case.



It began when India chose to buy 400 155mm Howitzers (favor word for huge kickass-firearm) from Swedish organization Bofors AB for $1.4 billion out of 1986.

In 1987 the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and a few others were blamed for getting kickbacks for this arrangement.

Ottavio Quattrochi was a representative near the Gandhi family and a noticeable man in the sacred entries of Indian government. His name came up as the mediator in this arrangement.

The Bofors outrage was gigantic. Rajiv Gandhi lost the 1989 decisions because of the reaction of these affirmations.

Other blamed incorporated the Hinduja siblings and Win Chaddha, a specialist of the Bofors organization. (Hello there! My name is win. I am here to win your agreement!)

Chaddha kicked the bucket in 2001. Gandhi was killed in 1991, and was cleared of the debasement allegations against him in 2004. In 2005, the charges against the Hinduja siblings were expelled by the Delhi High court.


WHAT HAPPENED NOW in the Bofors Case ?

“CBI in a letter dated 22.06.2017 passed on its perspectives that CBI, as investigative organization, was of the view that SLP (uncommon leave appeal) ought to be favored against the request of the Delhi high court dated 31.05.2005,” the office told the PAC.

The CBI’s authentic correspondence to the PAC is noteworthy as a sub-council of the parliamentary board as of late brought up issues over an as yet pending review write about the buy of the Swedish howitzer and the guard service’s endeavors to recoup papers pertinent to the buy marked in 1986.

The Bofors case was brought by BJP MPs up in the rainstorm session of Parliament and was viewed as a feature of an offer by the decision gathering to keep up the weight on primary restriction Congress over the issue of defilement. The PAC is planned to meet on Wednesday to talk about reports.




The part is we may end up thinking that finally Narendra Modi let government is bringing justice for the country and really working on it s “Congress Mukt Bharat” agenda but on ground that s not the reality . It is just to curb their incumbency following the economy debacle , employment failure and other issues , BJP led NDA government is opening the old the files from the cupboard when they feel is the need and that need is at the time of being defenceless  , totally indeed .

If such were the true intentions of self proclaimed “corruption fighting” BJP then they would have totally gone against the culprits and would have taken swift action on Bofors back in 2014 not willing to take out at the time of danger.  We have seen in the past that how party in power use old cases against the opposition parties to make them shut down or weak and that s what BJP is also doing to divert the attention  and to stop the opposition digging up their old files and they vow of no political vendetta which is the undemocratic irony.



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