BUDGET SESSION 2018- Obstructionism and Our Ailing Parliament


The painful regularity with which the Parliament’s functioning has been disrupted during this Budget Session,2018 is yet another benchmark for the degrading Union Legislature of India.
The 2018 Budget session has had little working with almost no bills being passed due to the consistent obstructionist manners of the Opposition, that led to adjournment day after day.

On Wednesday, March 28, the government had to get the budget passed for the new Fiscal Year beginning on 1st April.

The Speaker of the House, Sumitra Mahajan, therefore, passed the ministry budgets, the Appropriation Bill and the Contentious Bill 2018 one after another, without any of them being discussed in the Lower House.
The Bills were passed by applying the guillotine process, i.e., all demands/clauses were put to vote at once, irrespective of whether they were deliberated upon by the House.
This marked the completion of the Budget exercise, 2018.


The House was repeatedly adjourned since 5th of March due to the protest activities of the Opposition parties over issues like:
• The PNB Fraud;
• TDP’s demand for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh and it’s consequential breaking away from the NDA on non-fulfilment;
• The Cauvery Management Board issue;
• TRS’s demands for hiked quota for Telangana.


The framers of the Indian Constitution saw the Parliament as an institution where grievances would be discussed and problems solved. It was to be the platform for deliberation and reconciliation and that is exactly how the initial governments in India after Independence worked it.

The last three decades, however, have witnessed Oppositions ( irrespective of the parties they belong to) that seem to have the sole purpose of objecting, obstructing and preventing the government from working. It is now a custom for the opposition to criticise any and every initiative the government takes.

The issues that were being put forward during the protest activities are extremely important and hence, NEED TO BE DISCUSSED IN THE HOUSE!
What is the point in hindering the working and wasting time, money and energy?

And then the irony comes when the same Opposition dubs the whole guillotine process of passing the Budget 2018 “the death of Democracy”.
I am sorry but Democracy died when the Parliament was not allowed to function, day after day, for almost the whole of March!
But the repeated resort to extra-Parliamentary methods by the Opposition shows an absolute disregard and lack of faith in the Parliament, which is sad given that this comes from Parliamentarians themselves.
It is high time our representatives stop wasting our money and understand the gravity of the positions they hold!

Budget 2018-  Opposition and Obstructionism
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Budget 2018- Opposition and Obstructionism
About how the Opposition continuously disrupted the working of the house in Budget session 2018 and the Budget finally passed without discussion. Also about the obstructionist custom of the Oppositions in India.
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