Bulletin train is here. Shinzo Abe and his better half touched base at the Ahmedabad air terminal on Wednesday to go to the twelfth expansion of India-Japan summit. The Japanese Prime Minister said that it is ‘another period’ in the Japan-India relations and there is an ‘unflinching shared trust’ between the two nations. Following a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, India and Japan consented to 15 arrangements. They talked about much advertised the ‘primary rapid railroad venture’ in India, which is financed through a credit of $17bn from Japan, the nation which is authorize with a portion of the speediest prepares on the planet. The gauge figures of the task are as per the following:

  • Japan’s Shinkansen will shorten the distance between Ahmadabad and Mumbai from the present 8 hours to only 2 hours and 37 minutes.
  • A 505Km line will associate the two urban communities with 12 stations in the middle.
  • 7Km undersea passage will be developed.
  • The fare for the entire journey will be around Rs.3,300.
  • Travelling 35 times back and forth per day the train will carry 35,800 commuters each day.

“In terms of railways, no other government has taken such bold initiatives” said Mr Narendra Modi.While BJP members, Smriti Irani and Amit Shah congratulated the Modi-led government for the bullet train project, the Congress leader, Mallikarjun Kharge voiced his disapproval in Lok Sabha, stating that “we are not against any development project, but what is the aim? The project is not economically viable.”
While many have supported the government’s decision, as the train will cut down the travelling time and will thus provide convenience to its passengers, several have criticized the decision. In a country where its citizens don’t have money to afford even two square meals a day, the decision to introduce high-cost Bullet train will be foolish. Well, only time will tell whether the idea of introducing Bullet train will be a hit or a miss? Whether it will succeed or perish under the heavy weight of its cost.


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