Catalonia, The Time For Celebration?


For a considerable length of time, eyewitnesses cautioned that the impasse in Spain over Catalonia would end in a “prepare crash”. Catalonia’s fast impact is currently inescapable.

On Sunday, a few million individuals may endeavor to vote in what is charged as a “coupling submission” on freedom, however which the courts have restricted.

For the tight lion’s share of Catalans who dismiss autonomy, the decision is alarming. On the off chance that they don’t all vote and the separatists do, at that point the last undermine to proclaim autonomy by Tuesday evening – essentially ousting them from their present nation. On the off chance that they do vote, the opposite side demands they will act illicitly. In any case, they will live in a Catalonia that is more spellbound than it has been for quite a long time.

For the huge minority who need a different Catalan express, the scene is similarly as inauspicious. Separatists are allowed to contend for freedom, however to have it they should likewise change the Spanish constitution, which implies convincing a mind-boggling and doubtful larger part of 66% of Spain to back them.

Precisely how the day itself will play out remains a secret. It looks set to be an activity in mass common rebellion in which some may figure out how to vote, while numerous others don’t.


It might likewise be uncommonly enlightened, with grinning youngsters waving tally papers and elderly separatists wrapped up in vivid banners or moving sardanas. Human towers, the gravity-challenging game of a few Catalans, may likewise be conveyed as indications of social exceptionalism, influencing everything hope to like a carefree gathering.

Police are relied upon to latch voting focuses however in the event that dissenters don’t utilize power or break locks, there ought to be no going after mallet.

Many will wear the uniform of the Catalan Mossos D’Esquadra police constrain, while common watch, national and even civil police powers will likewise partake. However, in spite of the urgings of overexcited rightwingers somewhere else in Spain, they are probably going to be controlled. They should drench up any affront and afterward come back to the shoddy vacationer lodgings where they are being housed, or to an extraordinarily employed voyage dispatch painted with monster Warner Bros toon figures, including Tweetie Pie and Daffy Duck, which is moored in Barcelona’s harbor. Most, unquestionably, simply need to go home.

It might likewise all turn out badly, with individuals heaving stones at police while the last bring out water gun and package nonconformists into vans. That would get sufficient TV scope, regardless of the possibility that not very many individuals were included.

What TV pictures won’t indicate are the a great many Catalans sitting at home, longing that none of this was occurring. Nor will we get notification from the numerous Spaniards who hate to see five centuries of conjunction lessened to a shortsighted “Catalonia versus Spain”.


The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, and dissenter pioneers will guarantee an ethical triumph. They will be persuaded that they have recently won another age of Catalans for nonconformity – making a larger part for what’s to come. Any harm to their own particular society will be faulted for others.


Then again, the Spanish executive, Mariano Rajoy, will case to have maintained the law. Different individuals from his preservationist People’s gathering (PP) will be more egotistic, heaping on the sort of mortification that lifts secessionism.

The PP picks up scarcely any votes in Catalonia. Truth be told, it started the present dissenter upsurge by effectively requesting that the protected court cut back a Catalan sanction of self-government affirmed at a lawful choice. Rajoy has overlooked the way that over 70% of Catalans need a legitimate, lawful choice to deal with it all. He could convey that. Yet, contradicting it collects more votes in whatever is left of Spain.


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