Eastern peripheral expressway. All you need to know

Eastern Peripheral expressway
Shri Narendra Modi – inaugurating National Expressway II

2018 has still been a pretty good year for Bharatiya Janata Party so far. After the failure of demonetization and far from perfect implementation, the NDA government has indeed gained some speculations. But the emphasis on infrastructure development has gained them a good picture. With all the development projects, BJP has added the 110 billion project of Eastern Peripheral expressway. Prime minister Modi inaugurated the expressway today.


“The Prime Minister will travel in an open jeep on for 6 km, where huge number of people will greet him. The Prime Minister would inaugurate the exhibition and 3D model there and would fly to Baghpat to dedicate to the nation the EPE” says Nitin Gadkari.

eastern peripheral expressway
Road Transport, Highway and shipping minister – Shri Nitin Gadkari

Akhilesh Yadav also accused Modi led government on different facets. But now it seems that this expressway will benefit the government. Probably it is because of the anarchist combination, as Shri Arun Jaitley said.

The eastern peripheral expressway is India’s first smart and green highway. It is built at a cost of Rs 110 billion. In addition to the green trees planted at the stretch it has fountains and monuments too. The expressway is also known as National expressway II. It connects Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Baghpat and Sonipat. It also bypasses Delhi, thus reduces the pollution level in the city.

The state-of-the-art highway has highly value due to the beautification and diversification. The expressway has smart installments which harvest renewable energy.

Highlights of Eastern Peripheral Expressway

Eastern Peripheral Expressway
Eastern Perpiheral Expressway Features with map – source Business Standard
  1. The EPE is built at a stretch of 135 kms. It will help in reducing the traffic time in commendably. Earlier it took around 4 hours to travel between Kundli and Palwal in Haryana. But now it will take only 72 minutes. A huge reduction in travel time. Thus, exposing a growth in transport ease. This will also help businesses to boost logistics.
  2. Inaugurating first phase of Delhi-Meerut highway, PM Modi also describes the highway as “road to freedom from pollution”. Over 50,000 vehicles are not destined to Delhi. Their entry increases the pollution level in the city. But now they need not enter the capital. The bypass allows the vehicle to skip the roads and reach to their designated destination.
  3. Expressway has eased out tolling system. It is a closed tolling system. There is a provision to collect the toll electronically to ensure disruption-free movement of traffic. The distance traveled is the basis of toll collection and not on the entire length. Now this proves the boast of EPE.
  4. It has 406 structures of which 4 are major bridges, 46 minor bridges, 3 flyovers, 7 inter-changes, 221 underpasses and 8 ROBs.


India’s first smart and green highway

  1. The whole eastern peripheral expressway is lit with 8 solar power plants. Each have a capacity of 4000 kilo-Watts (4 MW). It has 14 lanes. Hence, harnessing renewable source of energy.
  2. There are also provisions of rain water harvesting on every 500 meters on both sides. Another stepping stone towards renewable source of energy.
  3. It has a 2.5 metre wide cycle track on either side. Also a vertical garden on the Yamuna bridge and drip irrigation for plants at the roadside.
  4. The state-of-the-art road will have auto challans for over-speeding. Cameras will capture speed of vehicles. Besides it will also have provisions of tolling only for the distance travelled.
  5. It is equipped with smart and intelligent highway traffic management system (HTMS) and video incident detection system (VIDS). This sets a benchmark in highway construction. Hence, it is environment-friendly with world-class safety features and smart/interactive infrastructure.
  6. Expressway has 2.5 lakh trees planted with transplantation of 8-10 years old trees. There are also fountains and monuments along the road. This has indeed beautified the Road structure.
Eastern Peripheral Highway
The Eastern Peripheral Expressway – Tweeted by NItin Gadkari

The roads are still on roll. Infrastructure is truly the sign of progress. Hopefully, we will have more developments to see with a turnaround.

Eastern peripheral expressway. All you need to know
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Eastern peripheral expressway. All you need to know
Infrastructure development is the indicator of progress of a country. But with Eastern Peripheral Expressway, India will achieve a smarter and greener expressway. Want to know how? Explore the content
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