“Congress Was One of Our Clients” – Christopher Wiley on Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower

Rahul Gandhi- IT Minister
The Congress- BJP blame game on Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower has involvement in India too, claims Christopher Wylie. BJP demands apology from Congress. The IT Ministry has sent a notice to the UK based firm, demanding information.

The UK based Data Mining firm, Cambridge Analytica(CA), has lately been embroiled in serious controversies after it was EXPOSED for attaining private data from millions of Facebook profiles illegally.

It is accused of having used this data in manipulating mass opinion in favour of it’s clients, during events like the 2016 US Presidential Elections and the Brexit Vote.

A new highlight in the scandal has come as Cambridge Analytica’s ex-employee turned whistle-blower, Christopher Wylie, has claimed the firm’s extensive involvement in Indian Politics.
Deposed before the House of Commons (DCMS) in London, Wylie said:
• CA worked extensively in India and has offices and staff there.
• He believed that Congress Party was their client.
• He added that his predecessor, Dan Muresan, Head of Elections at SCL, had also been working in India before he died.
• Wylie claimed that Muresan had been paid by an Indian millionaire for ensuring Congress’s loss in the elections.


Wiley in his Tweet Released a series of documents showing evidences on Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower :



The blame game has begun all over again. While it began with the Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, demanding an apology from the Congress, the latter’s spokesperson, Randeep Singh Surjewala, dubbed it “all false”.
He went on to challenge BJP, saying that the party was in power and hence, it should present proofs. He added, “ They( BJP) fear they will be exposed if they probe.” He further pointed out at ‘proofs’ like, Union Minister Smriti Irani following CA on Twitter.


The IT Ministry has issued a notice to the UK based firm, asking it to answer several questions regarding it’s clients in India and has also demanded information on the data of the Indians it collected, that whether or not this was done legally by seeking permissions and an insight into the usage of this data.
The BJP-led government has asked the firm to respond by 31st March.

It seems difficult to trust any of the entities now, given the everlasting list of names involved, that are being revealed one after another.
The Snowball effect of the blame game seems to be unfolding in a manner that will compel us to doubt all that is around now!

"Congress Was One of Our Clients" - Christopher Wiley on Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower
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"Congress Was One of Our Clients" - Christopher Wiley on Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower
Congress -BJP spat over Christopher Wylie's claim of Cambridge Analytica's extensive working in India. Indian government issues notice to the firm,seeking information
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