Mudhol Hound: First Indian breed of dog to be inducted into Army

Mudhol Hound Pic

The Army will induct first Indian canine breed, Mudhol Hound into its ranks.

Indian Army is set to induct its first Indian canine breed. Six Mudhol Hound Dogs which were given to the Army by the Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, have been trained in Meerut and will now face tests in operational areas like Jammu and Kashmir. The induction is likely to take place in December. The Indian Army had expressed its desire to use the Mudhol sighthound for surveillance and border protection duties.

Initially, they were kept in quarantine to check if they were suffering from some disease or not followed by basic obedience training and thereafter battle inoculation and specialized training.

It will be the first Indian breed to serve the nation. All these years, the armed forces have been using foreign breeds like Labrador, German Shepherds, and Belgian Shepherds,” says Mahesh Dodmani, director of the university’s Canine Research and Information Centre. With a strong lineage, speed and swiftness, there will be less German shepherds or swiss dogs in comparison to Mudhol breed in the army in the next few years.

Six Mudhol hounds, which have undergone intensive training and the RVC has now requested the veterinary university to send them another batch of eight Mudhol puppies. They are likely to be drafted into the armed forces by the end of the year.

The Mudhol Hound Dog

Mudhol Hound, also known as Caravan Hound is an Indian breed of dog of the sighthound type. It was initially bred in the 1920s by Ghorpade kings of the erstwhile kingdom of Mudhol (north Karnataka district of Bagalkot now) by crossing Persian and Turkish breeds with local dogs. Since then, it has served as a hunter, loyal companion and a guard dog for both royalty and peasants. It is known for its endurance, stamina, sharpness, speed, and agility. They can live through harsh tropical conditions and is disease-resistant with a very good vision.



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