PM Modi announces Rs. 10,000 crore for 20 best universities in India


At Patna University centenary celebrations PM Modi announced that 20 world-class universities will receive Rs 10,000 crore over five years. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sought that Patna University be declared a central university, Modi said it should instead strive to become one such world-class university. The main focus is to ensure that the top institutions are counted among the best in the world.

Modi said, “It is a matter of serious concern that no Indian university is among 500 best universities of the world. This is when we once had universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila. The central government has come out with a scheme of choosing 10 private and as many public universities. The selection will not be done by the Centre or on a CM’s recommendation. There would be a third-party evaluation by a professional agency. Such universities would be given Rs 10,000 crore over five years. Such universities will be free from government rules and regulations and can chart their own course.”

The performance will determine to fund:

He further added that his government has undertaken a step forward as the grant of central status were now a thing of the past. The initiative is taken by making 10 private and 10 government universities world class. The universities need to perform world class and that’s all. The universities will be chosen on the basis of the challenge provided to them. A third party professional agency will be involved in the selection process. The state governments will also have a big role in helping their institutions prepare for the challenge. Innovative ideas and more advanced ways of teaching and learning will also be considered.

Not only this but PM Modi also appreciated Minister Nitish Kumar and had expressed his honor to visit Patna University by adding that “This land has nurtured many great contributors to the nation. I have met many officials in Delhi itself and almost more than half of them belongs to this land.” Modi has visited first time in Patna University and is now focusing on making Bihar among the prosperous states by 2022 and take the state to new heights of development. He also believes that IIMs will set themselves in the top chart soon.

The alumni can contribute to a large extent and hence can take the universities and students to new heights. The competition is global and no country can excel without innovation. We need to match with the competitive world and the growing demands of the world.



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