Sabarimala temple: 50 lakh women form 620km long ‘women’s wall’, Uphold gender equality

Sabrimala temple human chain
620km long "Women's wall"

In lieu of Sabrimala temple issue, women in Kerala have formed a 620km human chain “to support gender equality”. A total of 50 lakh women from various walks of life participated in the state-sponsored ‘Women’s wall’ campaign. The wall stretched from the northern tip of Kasaragod to the southern end of Thiruvananthapuram.

Sabrimala temple human chain
620km long “Women’s wall”

Historically, women of “menstruating age” – between 10 and 50, could not enter the Sabrimala temple. Therefore, the state’s left-wing coalition government had organised this campaign. As a protest against the issue of entrance of women to Sabrimala Temple.

The Supreme Court of India had however, overturned the ban in September. But protesters have since attacked female visitors.
Officials said “the short demonstration was to combat inequality and counter the efforts of right-wing groups that support the ban on women.”

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