India Becomes the First Country to Introduce a Sand Art Certificate Course

Sand Art Certificate Course

Ever been awestruck by the precision and skill a sand art is made with? What if I tell you that now you can learn the skill of making a sand art? Get ready as Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) brings you an Online Sand Art Certificate Course. The course, which will start in March, 2018 is one of its kind, with India being the first country to provide a formal training in Sand Art. (First All India Institute Of Ayurveda Inaugurated By PM Modi)

The introduction of this course fulfills Padma Shri Awardee, Sudarshan Patnaiik’s dream of teaching sand art under an academic framework.
“I want to give a platform to upcoming sand artists. I had submitted the course design and syllabus and had been waiting for their response for over a year. However, now they have given me assurance that the course will begin in March 2018, stated Pattnaik”


  • The course has received assistance from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • Under theory, the students will be taught about various techniques of Sand Art . It includes selection and measurement of sand, adequate usage of water and handling props.
  • Furthermore, knowledge about carving shapes, such as pyramids, will be imparted to the students. The students will also go through the entire process of creating a sculpture.
  • Moreover, Online Videos will be uploaded on the IGNOU website.

Additionally, the video lectures have already been prepared and Pattnaik has been working on refining his videos.
About the Online Sand Art Course, Shrikant Mohapatra, Senior Regional Director, IGNOU, Bhubaneshwar stated that, “It has to be fine-tuned as per MOOC’S (Massive Open Online Courses) norms
Furthermore, Pattnaik and Uma Kanjilal of IGNOU had recently met in Bhubaneshwar to discuss about the course structure.

Sand Art Certificate Course

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  • Sudarshan Pattnaik is an internationally acclaimed Sand artist. 
  • He laid the foundation of Sudarshan Sand Art Institute in Puri in 1995. It is an open air institute and aims to develop and promote Sand Art.
    Patnaik believes that Sand art is essentially a practical art and only with practice, can one master the art.
  • About the Sand Art Certificate Course, he said, “I want to give a platform to upcoming sand artists,” He further added, “The videos will have all the details and step-by-step procedure of making sculptures in sand”
  • Several Private Universities who wanted to incorporate a sand art course in their respective curriculum, had previously approached Pattnaik. However, the sand artist wanted to be affiliated with a Government institution.
    The artist said that his overseas friends were also excited to start this course in their respective countries.


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