Komal Pandey Dating: Meet Her Boyfriend Siddharth Batra (latest Updates)

Komal Pandey Dating: Meet Her Boyfriend Siddharth Batra (latest Updates)

Blogger Komal Pandey, who was born in India, is well-known in the blogging community. There are 324 days till Komal’s 29th birthday; she was born on June 18, 1994. In college, she began posting a daily #LookOfTheDay photo to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #LookOfTheDay.

When it comes to celebrities, there is a lot of gossip about their personal lives. Are Komal Pandey’s boyfriend and girlfriend known to the public, and if so, who? Let us clear up and disprove Komal’s love life and boyfriend myths with this article!

Who Is Komal Pandey Dating in 2022?

Ms. Pandey Last year, they astonished their fans by making their love ‘Instagram-official.’ Siddharth Batra is also a renowned Instagram influencer. Humans of Bombay interviewed Siddharth about his relationship with Komal Pandey.

Komal Pandey Dating

Komal, a well-known Indian Instagram influencer with more than 1.3 million followers, was introduced to Siddharth in 2018. Through a mutual friend, they were introduced to each other in Gurgaon and quickly discovered that they had a passion for fashion.

“We had a lot to chat about that night because we were both in the fashion industry. After she showed me her profile and I decided to follow her, “Siddharth is of the opinion that

Who Is Siddharth Batra?

He is redefining what it means to be a man as Siddharth Batra continues to experiment with makeup and grooming. He’s challenging society’s stringent expectations for guys, paving the road for gender neutrality and metrosexuality in the process. He promotes the idea of using basic cosmetic items as self-care tools by urging men to follow simple skincare and makeup routines.

They’ve been working together for a long time and have a lot of experience. The two have never failed to provide something new and exciting to their fans, from their skincare routines to their styling and makeup suggestions! Being able to watch them produce glitzy stuff has always been a joy for the eyes.

Siddharth Admits He Felt an Instant Attraction Towards Komal

It was a long time before Siddharth and Komal Pandey became more than just acquaintances; they were romantically involved at the time. They communicated through commenting on one other’s Instagram posts.

Komal Pandey Dating

For a few years, Siddharth recalls, “this continued on.” As a result of my admiration for her work, I DM’d her one day to express my gratitude. Our communication proceeded naturally afterward.”
With only 15 minutes between them, the two of them made plans to get together. After the first time the two had met face-to-face, Siddharth remembers it as “very comfortable.” Friends and a discussion on life’s journey were the order of the day that day.

As soon as the lockdown was lifted, they were reunited for the first time in several months.

It was the first time they had seen one other in a while after the lockdown was lifted. Siddharth says it was a very moving experience for him. Emotional: He explains, “I didn’t leave her for the longest time because I couldn’t bear to let her go.”

They Saw Each Other for The First Time in Months After the Lockdown Was Lifted

After almost a year of dating, the pair has been able to travel together, meet each other’s families, and spend time with each other’s friends. ‘She’s such a hit with my family,’ adds Siddharth, adding that Komal is adored by his mother.
In fact, she’s the one I call when I’m joyful and sick since she prepares the finest curd rice.” “Bombay,” Siddharth tells the Humans. When discussing their relationship, the fashion influencer reveals that they take time out to commemorate significant occasions.
Both of them love to shower each other with sweet surprises, whether it’s for a special occasion or just to spend time together.