Who Is Juliette Porter Dating: Is He Clark Drum?

Who Is Juliette Porter Dating: Is He Clark Drum?

Juliette Porter just ended her relationship with ex-husband Sam Logan in August 2021, and she is now dating Clark Drum.

He only cares about spending time with me, thus he never says anything else. This is precisely what intrigues him. He sincerely cares about others around him and desires their happiness. He recalls every single word I say to him. Yes, potentially. In an exclusive video interview with Life & Style, a 24-year-old MTV star exclaims, “He’s simply fantastic.”

From the time we first met, we rarely shared a moment of stillness. Juliette stated, “It seemed like we were dating the moment we met.” She asserts, “I mean, we spend every weekend together, so it must be serious,” despite the fact that she and her partner are both young and have no pressing requirements. Currently, all we desire is happiness.

Clark will be able to hold his own on Siesta Key with Juliette’s aid. The Summer House on Bravo, it appears he was present. It was as if he were a supporting actor in a film. The Floridian expresses optimism, stating, “I believe he will be well.” My father claims he is considerably more approachable than Sam.

According to his Instagram, Clark is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-area real estate agent who frequently visits exotic destinations. His earlier photo books feature excursions to such well-known tourist destinations as Monte Carlo, Antigua, and Mykonos, Greece.

Clark Drum Is the Name of Juliette Porter’s New Boyfriend

An Inside Look At Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's Rumored New Man

Juliette made her romance with Clark Drum’s Instagram official in October 2021, and they have been together since. Since Sarah and Sam had just ended their relationship in August of the previous year, we can only surmise as to when they initially began dating.

Then, who is this mysterious new man? According to his LinkedIn page, Clark is a qualified yacht broker and real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he works for his family’s business. According to his Instagram, he is an ardent outdoorsman and traveller. In these images, he explores Paris, Monte Carlo, Mallorca, Spain, and Tulum, Mexico, among other popular tourist destinations. Numerous photographs of him with his mother and siblings indicate a close family tie.

Clark first posted images of Juliette to Instagram on October 6, 2022, almost one year after Juliette’s debut. Images depict the couple enjoying a boat ride on Lake Como in Italy.

In response to the images, Juliette commented, “He posted me.” “I can’t even contain my love for you!”

Another cast member, Chloe Long, chimed in, “Could you two be any more attractive?!”

They appear as satisfied as they did when they first began dating. Juliette spoke with Life & Style Magazine about her boyfriend before to the May 2022 premiere of Siesta Key Season 4B. The MTV celebrity claimed, “His sole desire is to be in my presence. He has a modest ego and wants nothing more than to be happy.”

Despite their success, the 25-year-old claims she and her partner are not in a hurry to get married. Since we spend every weekend together, I believe we are rather committed,” Juliette said. “On the other hand, I see no reason to rush things at the moment; we are still young. We are merely attempting to enjoy ourselves.”

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Juliette Also Explained Why She and Sam Broke Up.

Siesta Key' Star Juliette Porter Opens Up About Her Boyfriend Clark Drum – NECN

Juliette was very forthright with  US Weekly regarding the reasons why she and Sam broke up.

“When you love someone, you exert additional effort, but I was sad, emotionally drained, and not putting myself first. It was unjust for me to have to choose between us. “They were in a very dysfunctional relationship,” the woman stated.

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Now that she has rediscovered love, however, she has no qualms comparing her present lover to her abusive ex. “I could not ask for anything else besides [Clark]. It was unnecessary because I obtained just what I desired. Essentially, he is the antithesis of Sam. Not that he lacks self-assurance or anything, but… It is pleasant to be with someone who is interested in your thoughts and emotions.

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