what does bones day mean on tiktok

What Does Bones Day Mean on Tiktok? Bones and No Bones Day Explained!

A recent TikTok video depicting a flaccid pug has given rise to a new trend: bones or no bones day.

Bones Day and No Bones Day were created due to the efforts of Noodle the Pug. Noodle’s owner, Jonathan Graziano, films him waking up every morning. If the dog can stand on its own, it is Bones Day. If he falls back down, it is a Day Without Bones. A-Bones Day signifies that you should make the most of the day. A No Bones Day signifies that it is time to wrap up and begin afresh the next day.

What Is Bones Day on Tik Tok?

In October, Bones day has become a big fad on TikTok.

TikTok Jonathan Graziano has gained notoriety for releasing videos of his floppy pug, Noodle, sleeping in bed in the morning.

Graziano is holding Noodle over his dog bed in a standing stance. Then, Graziano removes his hands.

The videos resemble groundhog day: if Noodle stands on his own, it is “bones day.” If Noodle falls back down, it is a “day without bones.”

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What Does Bones Day or No-Bones Day Mean?

Noodle the pug having a "no-bones" day on TikTok

Since the videos of Noodle and Graziano gained popularity, “bones day” or “no-bones day” has become a fad on TikTok.

TikTok has equated Noodle’s flop and a no-bones day with returning to bed and canceling plans. On days when Noodle is still standing, known as bones days, it is time to seize the day, get out, and make plans.

Numerous users have created spoof films or memes on Noodle, and the #nobones hashtag on TikTok has over 25 million views.

The videos feature scenarios such as arriving to work late on a “no-bones” day. A user mentioned receiving a job offer on bones day.

Graziano has observed that no-bones days are not a negative, but rather an opportunity to unwind.

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What Else Has Gone Viral on Tik Tok?

In addition to the sushi bowl and the Vogue challenge, other popular fads on TikTok include sushi bowls and the Vogue challenge.

Emily Mariko‘s handmade sushi bowl, which consists of ASMR and leftover salmon, recently went viral.

The lifestyle blogger reheats salmon and rice, then adds kewpie mayonnaise, sriracha, kimchi, and seaweed.

Hundreds of users have produced their own interpretations of the sushi bowl and parodies of her silent videos.

During the school year of 2021, various challenges on TikTok grew viral. Students participated in the “devious lick” challenge by stealing items from their schools, such as soap dispensers and paper towel holders.

A list circulating online outlines the remaining challenges for the school year, including punching a staff member, kissing your friend’s girlfriend, and defacing school signs.

This year, teachers have reportedly been cautioned to be on the lookout for TikTok challenges.

The Vogue Challenge gained popularity in the summer of 2020, with users modifying their images to resemble Vogue covers.

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