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What Is the Release Date for Yellowstone 6666?

After the completion of the first Yellowstone spin-off, fans excitedly await the premiere of the news spin-off series 6666.

As a result of the resounding success of the prequel series 1883, people have high hopes for the future show.

Jimmy was transferred to the eponymous Texas ranch in Season 4 of Yellowstone to get his act together, thus setting the scenario for 6666.

With images depicting his new existence, we had a glimpse of the immensity of the ranch and the cowboys’ expertise in working it.

Hence, being immersed in this vanished world is not just an intriguing possibility for Yellowstone enthusiasts, but also for cowboy culture enthusiasts.

Like with the prequel series, 6666 will undoubtedly be a stand-alone programme that everyone can enjoy.

Yellowstone 6666 Release Date

6666 News, Cast, Premiere Date - Everything We Know About the Yellowstone Spin-off

There is no release date listed for 6666. Yet, other experts anticipate that the Yellowstone spinoff 6666 will debut in late 2023 or early 2024.

Although 6666 has been advertised for over a year and a half, there are still relatively little details available. In addition, there has been no indication on the production stage of the show.

In the next months, perhaps, additional information regarding the release date of 6666 will be published.

In the interim, fans can watch the second half of season one of 1923, which resumes on February 5, and the second half of season five of Yellowstone, which resumes in the summer of 2023.

As he did for Yellowstone and 1883, showrunner Taylor Sheridan will likely stick to the standard ten episodes.

However, the first season of 1923 consists of eight episodes, whereas the impending 1883 spin-off series 1883: The Bass Reeves will consist of only six. There is also a possibility that 6666 will have fewer than 10 episodes.

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What Will 6666 be About?

Yellowstone 6666 Release Date Speculation, Plot, Cast & Latest News

The official plot summary for Paramount+‘s 6666 goes as follows:

“No ranch in America is more immersed in the history of the West than the 6666, which was established while Comanches still ruled West Texas. The 6666, which continues to operate as it did two centuries ago and encompasses an entire county, has inspired a new scripted series in which the rule of law and the laws of nature converge in a location where the next action is the most hazardous. The 6666 is identified with the ruthless effort to grow the world’s greatest horses and livestock, and is eventually the birthplace of world-class cowboys.”

Although the description of the series is rather ambiguous, it implies that 6666 will feature a great deal of cowboy action. In Season 4, Episode 2, Rip states that the Four Sixes ranch is where “cowboying was invented.”

6666 will surely follow a group of Texas ranchers, but it is unknown if they will have any connection to the Duttons of Yellowstone. Neither do we know the relevance of the ranch’s past in the show’s plots.

6666 Ranch, unlike Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, is not family-owned. Hence, it will likely have a distinct dynamic from Yellowstone.

Thus far, we know that Sheridan, John Linson, Art Linson, David Glasser, Ron Burkle, and Bob Yari will serve as executive producers for 6666.

Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait too long for answers to all of these pressing questions!

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Yellowstone 6666 Cast

Yellowstone Spin-Off 6666 Is Not Set In The Distant Future, Sorry

No cast has been confirmed for 6666 as of yet. Fans have speculated, however, as to which actors will star in the Yellowstone spin-off.

Jimmy Hurdstram (Jefferson White), the clumsy Yellowstone ranch worker who was sent to the Four Sixes to become a genuine cowboy, is a plausible choice.

When Jimmy returned to Yellowstone, he introduced Emily as his fiancée and brought along a special guest (Kathryn Kelly).

Taylor Sheridan is also likely to feature in the show as Travis, the famed Quarter Horse trainer who brought Jimmy to the Four Sixes Ranch.

Ultimately, the 6666 cast will depend on when the series takes place. There may be another period drama with an entirely new cast. Nevertheless, we could very possibly see a few familiar faces from the Yellowstone series.

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