Salman Khan Praised and Called Abdu Rozik "Hindustan Ki Jaan!"

Salman Khan Praised and Called Abdu Rozik “Hindustan Ki Jaan!”

As per the live feed on Voot, Salman Khan praised Abdu Rozik the most and called him “Hindustan Ki Jaan”. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, Abdu Rozik told the contestants that “Life Bro is Not Every Time Happy, Sometimes it Become Sad.” Abdu Revealed That When he checks his Instagram comments, many people post bad things, This Boy is Like This, This Boy is Like That, “Why To Become Serious Bro? You’re Not Always a Superstar, Why To Feel Bad?”

However, it’s true that Abdu Rozik is the cutest and most active contestant in the house of Bigg Boss 16.
If it’s a 60-minute episode then Abdu Rozik receives 50 minutes of screen time. He doesn’t cry that I’m Short, etc, etc. People take him seriously naturally, he earned his respect, not demand it.

Once HMs asked Abdu that, how will he react if Archana Gautam says she wants to marry him, Abdu Replied in a very funny way by doing this:

Salman Khan Called Abdu Rozik "Hindustan Ki Jaan"

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