Manikarnika Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut is glorious Queen of Jhansi, film not so much


If you’re a Kangana Ranaut fan, Manikarnika is THE film for you. Everyone is the movie know Kangana Ranaut by the name Manu. The full name of the Queen of Jhansi being Manikarnika Tambe. Ranaut makes you believe in the fact that this queen needs no man. Such a film can also be called a true portrayal of Kangana’s personality in real life, specially after her war with Bollywood’s bigwigs.

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi sets up a world where the woman wages war, while the men dance and match make. Kangana has played this character with utmost confidence slicing down enemy soldiers with a fury. One can find her running across the backs of horses and onto that of an elephant, being euphoric and gleeful.

However, the filmmakers have structured the movie’s storytelling like a children’s film where the evil
British officers are straight out of an Ekta Kapoor serial. They outright voice their plans of taking over Jhansi. One can imagine if this is a potboiler from the 80s.

Kangana as the actor shines all through the first half of Manikarnika. She brings her feminist views into the story, which is one of the better points about the film. However, In the second half she seems to be relying on exactly four to five expressions and emotions.

The background music complements the storytelling when Manikarnika reaches its climax, but is soon painful to your ears. The film has done good in the departments of cinematography and set design. But despite Kangana’s best efforts, Manikarnika fails to bring Rani Laxmibai to life in this exhausting and over-exaggerated drama.

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